“PMOT’s” for a confused homeowner

KickStart: Pre-orient a confused new residential client on what will you’ll be doing in their home. (#2 in an “intermittent series”- Click HERE for #1.)

Ella Fitzgerald stamp“Bewitched, bothered and BEWILDERED?”  Folks, it’s not just Ella way back in 1956 that was ““Bewitched, bothered and BEWILDERED”! As a new homeowner nervously awaits your company to service their home they too are “bewildered”! (And very, very CONFUSED!) Think about it…

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Marketing services to the neighbors- Part II

KickStart: Send a brightly colored envelope “pre-orienting’ close-by home owners that you’ll be “in the area”. (Include a list of your services.)

residential service marketing headachesMarketing your residential services is tough! After all, home owners are bombarded with a dizzying deluge of advertising and (GRRRR!) low-price offers!😡 But WAIT!

You have an exclusive, ‘virgin marketing territory’ when you or your on-site workers make a friendly, ‘heads-up’ visit to the neighbors when beginning each job. Or even better, in conjunction with your personal visits…

‘Pre-orient’ the neighbors that you’ll be “in the area” BEFORE your scheduled work. Simply…

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Your home service customers don’t really want to talk to you!

scared home service customerDo current world events have you (and your clients) feeling  a bit overwhelmed, nervous, panicked or ALL of these? Absolutely! Me too! (And don’t even get me started on gas prices!)

These negative feelings mean you must respect your residential customer’s ‘Personal Emotional Space’! ‘ After all, you wouldn’t burst into your customer’s homes without knocking, would you?  So, stop barging into your customer’s mental ‘Inner Sanctum’ without permission! For example…

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How to market your services in Home Shows

Marketing your residential services to nervous, skeptical, fearful and sometimes downright confrontational home owners can be a REALLY tough sell!😲 Honestly? For most routine maintenance and/or repair services at best a 1st-time caller will view you as a ‘tolerated irritation’! GULP!

smiling contractor salesperson“Hey, Steve! Just wait till they get to know my sparkling personality!”💖 ABSOLUTELY! If you (and your employees) instinctively build great relationships with home owners you’ll go far!

BUT WAIT! How can prospects ‘get to know you personally’ while shopping anonymously over the internet and telephone? They can’t!😥 (Here’s one great resource to ‘win over’ first-time callers!) However, a great trick to super-charge your sales is to…

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