Don’t Hate on “Home Service Price Shoppers”!

KickStart: Recognize the long term consequences of not focusing on every service caller!

disgusted with service price callers

“Aargh, another ‘how much do you charge’ caller!” (Screamed as I slammed down the phone!) “I hate price shoppers!” 😑

Steve’s True Confessions Time: ThisΒ β€œI hateΒ price shoppers!” outburst was an ongoing complaint from my office staff for many years.

However, I finally realized my company needed to…

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Home Services “Estimates” versus “Pre-Inspections”- which is better?

KickStart: “Words are important. If you cannot say what you mean, you will never mean what you say.” George Bernard Shaw

Yep, in business the words we use with prospects (and clients) can have big consequences going forward. For example…

I see many Home Service Businesses offering “free estimates”. Me? I disliked this word “estimate” so much I banned it in my own residential services company!😑 Here’s why…

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FOCUS on Service Prospects Incoming Phone Calls!

KickStart: Stop treating your business phone as a distraction. Instead, obsess over each and every service inquiry!Β 

nervous home service proWhen your business phone rings do you: A) ecstatically scream with delight?πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’– B) fall into an anxiety attack?😬 or C) collapse in panicked dread?😨 For all you “B” and “C” folks, let’s move you into the delighted “A” category with a ringing phone!

First, reflect on the HUGE stakes with this caller. I know, you’re thinking, “Ummmm, Steve, I thought you were going to cheer me up. I’m even more freaked out now!” My reply?

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Marketing Services to the Neighbors- Part I

KickStart: Make a friendly, ‘heads-up’ visit to the neighbors when beginning each job. Optional: Or pre-contact them by mail.

Think about this. On every residential job your Home Service Business workers are SURROUNDED by potential NEW customers… the neighbors!πŸ‘ BUT…

Is your company taking advantage of this secret, exclusive-to-you marketing opportunity?πŸ€” For example, your on-site workers should always…

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Beware These ‘Hidden’ Profit-Sucking Black Holes!

KickStart: Are your business profits being silently siphoned off by unnoticed problems? Read on…

boost your home service company profitsOK, I’ll admit it. I used to be a chest-pounding Home Services Business (HSB) owner that bragged about how many trucks, employees and/or customers I had. (I especially loved sharing that my company had grown into a powerhouse that grossed seven figures yearly!)

But then, I wised up. (Or maybe just got older!) I realized it is smarter to fix the ‘Profit-sucking Black Holes’ (PBH’s) that all residential services companies struggle with. I call the obvious PBH’s the ‘Tragic Big 3’πŸ˜₯:

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