Convert your website into a ‘Recruiting Center’!

SpeedTIP: Create a ‘Careers with Us’ landing page that A) lists out the great career opportunity you offer to B) a very select group of Team Candidates.

Tried to hire… ANYONE lately? One of my long-time clients recently told me, “It’s brutal out there, Steve!”😲 Another said, “It’s agonizing to have people begging our company to send out techs (at any price) and I’ve got nobody!”😥 I replied the same to both…

“First, get used to it! And second, Get proactive!” Don’t allow our business growth to be stunted by this brutal and agonizing ‘hiring famine’! Instead, constantly be ‘RECRUITING’😉 new Team Candidates.

NOTE: I recently shared how to convert your clients into Customer Recruiting Officers. We also talked about rewarding your employees for any Team Candidates they refer.

RESOURCE #1: Discover 100’s of new hiring ideas and systems in our 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. To learn more and/or easily register online click HERE.💲💲💲

Another great recruiting idea is to…

Build a ‘Careers with Us’ landing page for your website!

This idea offers so many advantages! For example…

1) The Very Best People (the exact ones you hope to hire)👍 want more than a short-term pay check. They are looking for a fulfilling career. So they will definitely be drawn to this topic. Plus…

2)  Your prospective customers are looking for the successful, growing company you’ll profile on your ‘Careers with Us’ web page. Even better, this landing page should clearly define the high-quality people you are searching for.👌 (And will be sending into your client’s homes!)

NOTE: Even if you’re a small, ‘Lone Wolf’ owner-operator I still urge you to add a ‘Careers with Us’ landing page to your website. You’ve got to start somewhere, and this page will create a great impression on your prospects when they check you out.

3) A ‘Careers with Us’ page is a neat tool for your employees and clients to use as they recruit for you. Now they can simply scribble your business name down on a note and say to a friend, “Here, Google this business and check out their ‘Careers with Us’ page. I recommend the company!” BINGO!💖

4) You should be ‘Actively Recruiting’ (OK, “poaching”!) impressive Team Candidates during your daily routine. (More on this topic soon.) Since your candidate will probably be working just slip them a recruiting card as you say, “I’ve been impressed by your work ethic. Check out what my company has to offer and then ask for me personally when you call.” DONE!😎

HINT: Carry two sets of business cards. Your normal cards and also ‘Recruiting Cards’. These should have your ‘Careers with Us’ web page prominently listed and on the back of the card detail out the employee benefits your company offers.

RESOURCE #2: Once you ‘Hire the Very Best’ (see Resource #1 above) give each new employee my self-paced 12 session, 7-hour MP3 tech training course, ‘Winning on the Home Front’Click HERE to purchase it one time and then use this digital course to train an unlimited number of Service Techs in any sector of our Home Services industry. (Course includes all Tech Skills Reviews and answer sheets.)

Now don’t you have some recruiting to do?


Recruit your employees to… recruit for you!

Dear Home Services professional,

Welcome to the new world of hiring! (HINT: It’s a disaster out there and especially when looking for technicians!)😲 Finding quality front-line workers has always been tough in our industry. But now? It is a war out there!

In any war the side with the best army wins! Which means you must start ‘recruiting’. I recently shared how to convert your clients into ‘CRO’s’. (Customer Recruiting Officers) Think about it.🤔 Who knows better than your clients who should be working in their homes?

However, you have another great ‘recruiting resource’ already working for you! That’s right…

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Throw your ‘hiring net’ wide!

NEWS FLASH! Hiring front line technicians has NEVER been more challenging! The good, old “just put a Help Wanted ad in the newspaper and desperate job seekers will call begging for a job” Hiring Model is dead and buried!😲

Instead, just follow the Marine’s old recruiting slogan, “We’re looking for a few good men!” (And women!)👍

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What is ‘Perfection’ in Your Residential Services Business?

SpeedTIP: Learn to ‘let go’ (and discover ‘Personal Freedom’) by redefining the word “perfect”.

I’ve been accused (unjustly in my opinion) of being ‘a bit OCD’!😲 OK, OK! I’ll admit I liked things to be ‘perfect’ in my home services business and especially for my much-loved customers! Sound like anyone you know?🤔

Here’s the deal. If you are serious about growing your company into a ‘Critical Mass Business’ (one that will run smoothly without you being there 24-7) you MUST tweak your definition of ‘perfection’. Here’s why…

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The seductive trap of a customer’s “We love YOU”!

customers love meI’m assuming you’re an expert craftsperson in your chosen home services sector. PLUS you are reliable, honest, hardworking and have a sparkling personality!😁 So undoubtedly your clients passionately love… YOU!💖

“My clients love me, Steve?  Then I guess I’m ‘successful’! WOO-HOO!” STOP!🛑 This ‘client love affair’ should scare you to death! Why? It is the ‘two-edged sword’ found in the phrase, “…your clients love… YOU!

On one hand, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are Winning on the Home Front!  After all, we all ‘love being loved’!😍 (Me too!) And yet…

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Do you appreciate the potential you have?

I seldom quote the Bible in business. (Even though virtually all Bible principles can help us find business success. Don’t get me started…)

However, maybe  the recipe to FEEL successful in business (and life) is based on four little words found at the end of Colossians  3: 16: “And show yourselves thankful.”

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The balancing act of your business AND your life!

The late, brilliant writer Stephen R. Covey stated, “It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things.” So true in all areas of life- we ALL get ‘bogged down’ in trivial matters, negative emotions and all too often, toxic and/or abusive relationships.😢

But this is a business website focused on helping companies that provide residential services. So with great trepidation I’m gonna say…

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So WHO is this yo-yo!

steve toburen photo

Yep! it is ME! Steve Toburen! 

And what makes me qualified to tell YOU how to run YOUR residential services business! Ummmm… absolutely NOTHING!😲 (I know little about the technical side of the service(s) you provide and in fact it would bore me to hear about it- check out my previous blog post if you doubt me!)

And yet… I can and will transform your home services company with my Service Engineering concepts! Whoa! THIS is a big brag! Can I back it up? Yes.😁

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