Don’t Hate on “Home Service Price Shoppers”!

KickStart: Recognize the long term consequences of not focusing on every service caller!

disgusted with service price callers

“Aargh, another ‘how much do you charge’ caller!” (Screamed as I slammed down the phone!) “I hate price shoppers!” 😡

Steve’s True Confessions Time: This “I hate price shoppers!” outburst was an ongoing complaint from my office staff for many years.

However, I finally realized my company needed to…

Obsess over “converting” every single phone call! (Yes, even the “Price Shoppers”!) And here’s why…

NOTE: These principles also apply to leads that come in by text, email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, website chat, etc.

Remember, the vast majority of callers that open with the “How much do you charge?” question simply don’t know what else to ask you!🥸 So they start with “How much…?”!

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Let’s flip this question to “How much will YOU lose if you ‘Fail To Convert’ (FTC) a prospect who asks about price?”🤔 Let’s add up your losses…

calculate the value of a price callerFTC loss #1: The pro-rated marketing cost of the lead. Yep, every time a new prospect reaches out to your company it costs money to make your phone ring! FTC? Your investment is wasted!

FTC loss #2: The immediate cash infusion from this job. (Don’t forget, you need cash to make payroll this week!)😲

FTC loss #3: You’ve lost this caller as a future long term client. Never forget, a repeat client is 500% more profitable than a one-time customer!👍  By “failing to convert” you’ve trashed any hope of a VERY profitable relationship! (We should talk about this soon.)

FTC loss #4: They’ll never become your Customer Cheerleader! Remember, the “downstream income” produced by Cheerleaders will be an incredible business ROI… but only IF you “convert each caller”!

Wow, that’s a lot of gone-forever profits above! Heck, I’m depressed just writing about it! So, to get us upbeat again,👍👍 let’s look at the ROI a delighted Cheerleader can bring you (and your employees) real soon!🥰


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