Market to Your Customer’s Neighbors- Part 1

KickStart: Make a friendly, ‘heads-up’ visit to the customer’s neighbors when beginning each job. Optional: Or pre-contact them by mail.

Think about this. On every residential job your Home Service Business workers are SURROUNDED by potential NEW customers… the neighbors!👍 BUT…

Is your company taking advantage of this secret, exclusive-to-you marketing opportunity?🤔 For example, your on-site workers should always…

Reach out to the customer’s neighbors at the start of every project.

ring neighbor doorbell

Here’s how to do this…

1. Check in first with your customer. Your lead employee mentions to the client that after the crew gets started he or she will briefly visit the neighbors. Why? To leave a number to call with any concerns. (Your customer will be super impressed!)

2. Visit the neighbors. Your crew chief (or another employee who feels confident talking with home owners) should ‘make their rounds’ to the customer’s neighbors. (Uniforms should be neat with their photo ID badge clearly visible and do NOT walk on your prospect’s lawn.)

NOTE: If practical, at the very least visit the house on either side of the jobsite and the three houses across the street. ‘MOTIVATIONAL’ HINT: Give your crew chief a commission on any additional work these visits bring in. (See #7 below.)

3.  Ring the doorbell and step back 4 to 5 feet. Remember that there are many security cameras out there.😲 So, act accordingly. When the home owner opens the door…

share business card with customer's neighbors

4.  Look them in the eye, smile and introduce yourself. Clearly state your full personal and company name while extending your arm full length to give the home owner a business card.

5. Explain the reason for the visit. “We’re (mention what the project is) at the (your customer’s name) home. Point to your client’s home.“We try to be very considerate of the neighbors. But we still like to give folks a heads-up that we’ll be working here for (give approximate time for the project).”

6. Give them contact options. “You’ll see I highlighted my cell phone number on my business card. If you have any concerns or questions just call or text me at any time.” 

7. Mention your company’s Additional Service Options. Hand the neighbor a list of the residential services your company provides. This flyer can also include a discount for any services booked while your crew is working in the neighborhood.

happy future home services customer

OPTION: Some HSB’s hand a gift card to the neighbors while saying, “We know us working in the neighborhood can be a bit of a hassle. So please accept this voucher to make it up to you. It’s good for any of our services, never expires and if you don’t need any work done yourself feel free to pass this card on to one of your friends.”

8.  Say goodbye.Many thanks for your time and by the way you have a beautiful…”💖(Sincerely praise something about the home, yard or even the neighborhood.)

The many benefits of contacting the customer’s neighbors early in the job:

A) Get proactive on complaints. All the customer’s neighbors will be impressed with your company’s ‘heads-up’ approach.

B) You’re ‘putting a face’ on the project AND your company. This is much better for the essential relationship building needed for any successful Home Services Business.

C) You’ll increase the neighbor’s awareness of the services you offer. In fact, we almost always booked at least one new job💲💲💲 just by ‘reaching out to the neighbors’!

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In Part II we’ll talk about how to ‘pre-orient’ the neighbors BEFORE your crews arrive. (Actually you can do both for even better results!) Best wishes!


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