Why (and How to) Focus On 3 Essential Business Areas

KickStart: man·​age ˈma-nij To direct with a degree of skill. 

small business owner focuses on prioritiesFinding a balance in business (and life) is an ongoing, moving target for most of us. Our shared Home Service Pro entrepreneurial challenge? Managing our OCD tendencies to not get distracted off into Displacement Activities!🙄 Instead, you must focus ONLY on the high-profit, “important stuff”.

True Confession Time: I still find myself going down obsessive rat holes while wasting enormous time on pursuits that add nothing to my happiness, relationships or even my financial net worth!🤔 (You’d think I would have learned by now!)😲

Remember, your residential services company is an incredibly fragile creature. This means as a service business owner or manager you must…

Maintain a laser-like focus (manage) on three essential business areas. 

1. Consistently delivering a great customer experience. Sure, instinctively you personally have always delivered quality work while building a relationship with your clients. Well done!👍

hire the smile in home services industryRemember, 80% of how a homeowner decides if the job was “done right” (and if they’ll post a 5-star review OR a nasty 1-star comment) is based on how they FEEL about the workers involved in their transaction.

However, things tend to fall apart when the owner steps off the truck and loses control of their “disengaged” employees. So therefore, you must A) “Service Engineer” a step-by-step service delivery system and B) hold your workers accountable!

2. Creating an emotionally and financially rewarding employee environment. The Very Best People (the team members you desperately need) will NOT stick around long term ONLY for a paycheck!

Instead, develop a family atmosphere of fun, caring people all focused on building “something of value”… together! (And dump “Desperation Hiring”! It NEVER worked well for me.)🙄 And maybe most importantly…

3. Building a Critical Mass Business that will run smoothly with you OR… without you. Why? So you can achieve Personal Freedom!💖 finding personal success in residential servicesSadly, very few residential services contractors ever attain this ever-elusive goal.😥 And yet it is doable! After all, I cashed out of my business and semi-retired at 38 and I’m a dummy! (Plus I didn’t have the resources here at homefrontsuccess.com)

PRO TIP: As your business grows you must control the information overload crossing your desk. (Even the best multi-tasker will drop the ball when they are drowning in data.) So I highly recommend implementing my one page “State of your Company” Weekly Flash Report.

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Now, don’t you have something important to FOCUS ON? And best wishes going forward!


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