Two Fundamentals for Training New Employees

Ask Steve: Who should be training new employees in my home services company?

Steve says: Look for the employee who A) best embodies your company culture and B) ‘plays by YOUR rules’!

Please help me with training new employees 🙏🏻

Hi Steve,

training new employees right

After taking your ‘Hiring the Very Best’ online seminar last week I asked our very impressive restaurant server if he knew of anyone looking for a great career. He told me he is “looking around” for a better job and seems like a great fit for us! But I don’t want to screw this up, Steve, so therefore this email!

I’ve had my most experienced service tech (been with me for 22 years!) responsible for training new employees. But after your class, Steve, I’m starting to feel this long-time employee only trains new techs to be ‘helpers’ instead of motivating them to advance in the company. (Maybe he feels threatened?)

My big question is: How should I train this super-motivated new guy? My wife and I are getting older and she has some health problems. Honestly, our energy levels are not what they used to be! I also deal with neuropathy in my hands and feet, and it is difficult to work a full day out in the field.

I do have another tech that has been with us for about a year. He is what you called a ‘Very Best Person’ in the hiring seminar! This young fellow is reliable, cheerful, checks in after every job and holds himself ‘accountable’!

To be fair, my 22 year veteran employee also does ‘good work’ and makes me a lot of money. But he has become used to doing his own thing without the ‘Employee Accountability’ you taught us in class. (I think you used the phrase “Loose Cannon”!)

So, Steve, who should be training new employees going forward?

Wanting to ‘do it right’ (Buffalo, NY)

Few things are more important than training new employees right!

Dear Wanting,

THANKS for actually implementing what I suggested in my ‘Hiring the Very Best’ online seminar the other day.👍 I’m honored!

There is no question in today’s tough hiring environment the old ‘run-a-help-wanted-ad’ hiring strategy is totally broken! Instead, kudos to you for ‘Actively Recruiting’👌 a great candidate from their existing work place! However, as you note…

Even with a Very Best Person it is ESSENTIAL to ‘get them started off right’! NOTE: New hires will sub-consciously decide in the first two weeks of employment if they are going to stay with you long term. The problem? They may not actually quit for two years!

Wanting, it sounds like you have an accurate read on your 22 year employee. To be fair to him YOU have allowed his independent attitude to develop and continue.😥 So I totally agree that your newer, more company-focused worker should be anointed (and compensated) as your new trainer. But two fundamental observations …

Do the right thing with your current new employee trainer

First, I’m assuming (especially with today’s hiring challenges) that you don’t want your experienced tech to get his feelings all hurt and quit in a snit!😲 So let’s reflect on how you can ‘sugar coat’ this change.

For example, Wanting, you could say, “Joe, your production numbers are excellent. So great news! I’m not going to stick you with baby-sitting the new guy. Just keep cranking out your good work and between Charlie and me we’ll do the heavy lifting with the new worker.” 😁

Create a formal New Employee Training System

Second, Wanting, I also stress in my online classes the need for consistency if you ever hope to build a Critical Mass Business that will run without you. This means YOU need to A) structure a ‘Training Outline’ to guide your Trainer and Trainee each day on what they should cover plus B) add accountability with a Trainee Test at the end of each day and then C) reward BOTH Trainer/Trainee when they successfully complete the Initial Orientation/Training.

By the way, always start the new hire’s Initial Training ASAP. (On their first day if possible.) The Very Best People want to be challenged and contribute right from the git-go! I also normally suggest two weeks as a good time frame for this Initial Training.

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Best wishes, Wanting, and let me know how I can help!


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