Clearly Defining Your Home Service Client’s Expectations

KickStart: ‘Clearly defined expectations’ are the basis for all successful relationships.(Including with your homeowner clients.)

This KickStart quote above is a one-size-fits-all principle to guide your business and just maybe… your life!💖 (After all, you have a myriad of ‘ongoing relationships’.) But today, let’s focus on molding your business relationship with each residential customer…

complicated service client relationshipI know. You’re thinking, “Steve, I’m not marrying my homeowner clients! I don’t care about a ‘relationship’.  Honestly? All I want is to a) do the job, b) get paid and c) get on to the next job!”

I get it but SORRY! It just doesn’t work that way!👎 To be truly successful in any Home Services business you MUST focus on each homeowner’s relationship with you AND your workers! Here’s why:

“80% of how a homeowner decides if your company did a ‘good job’ (5-star reviews!) or a ‘bad job’ (UH-OH, a nasty 1-star review!)😖 is based on their relationship with the individuals involved in the work process.”

happy home service customer

Of course, doing 1) ‘good work’ is essential. In addition, you must provide 2) technical training, 3) quality materials, 4) well-maintained equipment and 5) hard working employees. But these five components combined only account for 20% of a homeowner’s ‘Client Delight Index’. (CDI)

NOTE: Business gurus promote the ‘Customer Satisfaction Score’. My problem here? A homeowner that is only ‘passively satisfied’ will never become a Customer Cheerleader singing your praises🐦 to everyone they know. (While posting ecstatic 5-star reviews about your workers!) So, let’s stick with my CDI- Client Delight Index!

Now let’s return to the ‘why and how’ of ‘clearly defining expectations’ for your residential customers. Remember, by defining what homeowners can expect will also help ‘differentiate’ your business from the competition and justify your ‘premium pricing’! WOO-HOO!

Remember, you’ll have MUCH more impact if you include photos on your website illustrating the below ‘clearly defined expectations’. Even better? Send a new customer a ‘How to get ready for usemail BEFORE your employees arrive! But do callers resist giving you their email?

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A WARNING: Creating expectations that your company can’t consistently deliver on will backfire big time.😲 Remember, the only way to create Customer Cheerleaders is by DRAMATICALLY EXCEEDING their expectations! That said, think seriously about implementing these ‘expectation candidates’

1. ‘No suspense’ arrival times. Easy peasy- just install real-time GPS tracking in each service vehicle. Plus insist on accurate estimated arrival updates from your enroute staff. Homeowners understand your people may be delayed- they just hate the uncertainty of not knowing what’s going on!😫

BTW, there are many industry-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software programs that handle client scheduling, track your trucks and automatically text clients the projected arrival time. (These apps also handle contacts, marketing, payments and bookkeeping but that’s for another KickStart!)

2. ‘Protect Your Home’ systems. I hope you’re already doing this stuff. But when you clearly define your ‘We protect your home’  procedures you are ‘marketing the sizzle’ while also calming nervous homeowners. So, pre-define how your workers a) park in the street and ask permission to pull into their driveway, b) place runners and wear shoe covers (booties) inside the home, and c) never will cut across a customer’s lawn.

smiling female service technician3. Friendly, smiling workers in your home. Remember, the “80% Principle” I quoted above? It focuses on how your client’s FEEL about the individuals actually doing the work… your techs. So set the expectations high for your clients and then make sure your frontline workers can deliver!

Wow, this is a LOT of Business Infrastructure for you to implement. So, I’ve done much of the heavy lifting for you HERE! (With more topics on the way!) Meanwhile, let’s ‘git er done’!


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