OBSESS Over (Your Home Service Clients) FEELINGS!

KickStart: “… it’s not what you say or what you do, but how you make people feel that matters the most.” Tony Hsieh, Zappos founder

focus on residential services profits“Feelings, Steve? Seriously?” As a rugged, profits-obsessed residential services business owner you likely focus ONLY on your bottom line! (I did too!) After all, who had time for a squishy, hard-to-manage word like, “feelings”?

I mean, everyone knows “emotions are for sissies”?💪 Right? WRONG! For far too many agonizing years I struggled before FINALLY learning that…

In a residential service business success is based on building “trusting relationships” (TR’s)! 

In fact, Mr. Logical here even reduced this concept into an “Emotional Equation”: Success= (ETR + HTR) x SE= CMB. Say what, Steve?😲

Translated? You’ll achieve Success by managing ETR (Employee Trusting Relationships) plus HTR (Homeowner Trusting Relationships) multiplied by SE (Service Engineering” which is based on written systems to guide all these relationships) equals a CMB! (A Critical Mass Business that routinely produces incredible profits… without YOU being enslaved to your company 24-7!)

new red mercedes coupe successPlease ponder on the above paragraph for awhile! Just imagine morphing your residential services company into a smoothly running “cash flow assembly line” that funds your A) first class trip to Tahiti, B) a vacation home on Maui, C) your dream Montana cattle ranch, or D) that new red Mercedes coupe!

All these perks of success can be yours with a Business Infrastructure that creates a safe, sane, and stable company- where the Very Best People flourish while routinely creating ecstatic Customer Cheerleaders by following their Service Engineering training! (Forgive the 38 word run-on sentence😲 but I can get REALLY wound up on this stuff!)

TRAP ALERT: It’s easy to focus ONLY on Homeowner Relationships while taking your Employee Relationships for granted. Don’t do it! (Especially during our current hiring crisis!) Instead, express (and display) sincere gratitude to your staff. (The Very Best People will only work long-term with a caring, trusting “business family”💖of close co-workers.) But meanwhile…

cards stacked against service contractorYour biggest challenge as a residential services business owner? The deck is stacked emotionally against your employees- before they even set foot on their client’s property! Here’s why…

All your first-time customers subliminally feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, threatened and even invaded with strangers in their home! NOTE: Yep, your nervous residential clients initially FEEL that even your best workers are “strangers”!

QUESTION: “OK, Steve, I’m convinced but HOW do I create these trusting, caring feeling with clients? And especially how can I motivate and train my workers to make Cheerleaders out of homeowners?” 

ANSWER: By focusing (OK, obsessing) on what I call “Residential Moments of Truth”! I’ll get right on this!👍👍

Resource: Want to cut-to-the-chase on how to routinely create Cheerleader clients with residential Moments of Truth? (Instead of waiting on these blah-blah-blah blog posts?) Then test out my guaranteed, step-by-step Winning on the Home Front! training system HERE.💲💲💲


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