7 Tips to Keep New Employees

KickStart: Anticipate “New Hire Remorse” by investing time in new employees immediately after hiring.

As a Home Services entrepreneur you deal with “Buyer’s Remorse” daily. And I really do feel your pain!😥 After all, the “I talked with my husband, and he says…” last minute cancellations I got were incredibly frustrating!

And yet you face a “remorse” that is MUCH more dangerous to the growth of your residential services business than a “remorseful prospect” bailing out! Think about this…

Your consistent, daily “Active Recruiting” efforts have paid off! You’ve checked out this Career Candidate’s background, he passed his “Working Interview” and has accepted your full-time job offer. You’re so excited about this great new technician!👍

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But two days later your new hire texts you:😲 “Sorry! I really appreciate the opportunity. But my old boss just made me an incredible offer so I’m staying with my existing job. Thanks again and best wishes!” YOUCH!😥

You thought you were done with searching for new employees and now they bail on you! 😡 Fight back against this inevitable “New Hire Remorse” challenge when you…

make new employees feel loved in your service company

Tie new employees to your company emotionally IMMEDIATELY after hiring them.

Time is of the essence. Here’s how to do make it happen… 

Before hiring set up a new company email address for your projected new Team Member.

Then after they accept the position proudly send new employees a personalized welcome email that will include…

1. Their new co-worker’s Profile Pages. (An Employee Profile template is included in our SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar.) This welcome email makes your new hire feel “part of the team”, let’s new employees get to know their future co-workers and definitely eases their transition overall.

2. Ask your new hire to fill out an optional “Fun Survey”. (Do this only AFTER officially hiring the employee.) Survey can include family members names/ages, nicknames, family photos, hobbies, pets, length of time living in area, favorite foods, etc.

3. Email current Team Members this “Fun Survey” info. Include when the new Team Member will be starting and copy your new hire. (Privately encourage your employees to reply to their new Team Member welcoming them to the company.)

4. Follow your New Employee Orientation Checklist. (A sample EOC is included in our SFS: “Hiring the Very Best”! LIVE seminar.) As your new hire invests time in filling out paperwork they’ll become even more committed to their new career! Your EOC also reminds you to have uniforms and tools for your new worker before their first day.

5. Have new employee’s business cards sent directly to their home address. Take the new hire’s photo immediately after hiring. Then order their business cards the same day. (Pay extra for rush shipping!) Receiving their personalized business cards before their first day on the job will be one more positive Employee Moment of Truth!

6. Send your new Team Member a “What to Expect on Your First Day” email. This form details what time to arrive, how to dress, if they should bring a lunch, who their Training Officer will be, (include a link to your Training Officer’s Profile) and at what time they will finish up that first day.

7. And start new employees off right with a “Big Welcome”!

CONGRATULATIONS on fending off the dreaded “New Hire Remorse”! And yet, your “Proactive Onboarding ” efforts are just starting!👌 Best wishes!


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