Be Wary of These 5 Business Obstacles. (Part II)

KickStart: Five key business obstacles to focus on BEFORE they “punch you in the mouth”!

I recently shared this nugget from famed business consultant Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan… till they take a punch to the mouth!”😲 And yes, even though “Iron Mike” earned his fearsome reputation in the boxing ring we can learn from him…

Any small service business (especially those who work in the residential sector) WILL get “punched in the mouth” with unexpected business problems! So as a Home Service Business (HSB) entrepreneur you must ‘expect the unexpected’! And its not just in business…

Obstacles Are Part of Business and Life

keep hands on the oars

Over four decades ago my family and I discovered the joys of long distance river rafting.😊 Of course, on a river (just like in business) it isn’t all idyllically drifting along in calm waters. You must also run (survive) raging whitewater rapids! Yes, this is me at the oars in the Grand Canyon’s Hance Rapid!

My 40+ years of river running have led me to an essential HSB principle…

Constantly be looking ‘downstream’!👌 

As a HSB owner I had managers to run ‘operations’. (Deal with the daily logistics and yes, business obstacles too!) My job? To be constantly ‘looking downstream at the Twos’. (As in what’s lurking to surprise your company in Two weeks/ Two months and/or… Two years!)

Remember, you can’t plan, prepare for and/or avoid what you don’t know is there.

Your rafting (and business) obstacle? Many barely submerged rocks in a rapid are camouflaged from upstream with a ‘pillow’ of water lightly flowing over them. And yet if you blunder into them they’ll rip your boat to shreds!😥

Common Business Obstacles

Here’s some hidden downstream ‘business obstacles’ that just may capsize your Home Service Business:

services manager considers business obstacles

1. Employees. My favorite saying over my 20+ years as a HSB owner? “My employees were my biggest challenge and yet could also be my greatest joy… and sometimes on the same day!” Today’s worker shortage today makes it even more important to look downstream to discover budding employee business obstacles!

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2. Cash flow. Many HSB’s have lots of work but may sink from lack of money! The problem? Management did not keep an eye on their ‘cash flow pipeline’! (This one deserves it’s very own blog post!)

3. Marketing. You’re overwhelmed. I get it. And yet a huge sin many HSB entrepreneurs fall into is setting up a marketing plan and then failing to monitor their ROI. The tragic result? Wasted money and few (or no!) phone calls for new work leads! Of course, you’ll still need to convert callers into clients…

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4. Production. Simply put, unless your employees are not efficiently cranking out PROFITABLE work your boat WILL quickly sink! So now may be the time to bail by either a) getting more efficient or b) raising your prices. (Or even better do BOTH!)👍

5. Complaints. As my HSB ‘captain’ my question was always “Why”? Then I knew how to direct my boat going forward! (More on ‘converting complainers into Cheerleaders’ very soon!)

Of course, all of the above is just ‘pretty words’ without a regular, accurate, UP-TO-DATE current reporting system. (NOT a financial report from last month!) Remember, our goal is to constantly be ‘looking downstream’ to identify business obstacles. So I developed a…

enjoy calm waters

One page Weekly Flash Report that gave me all of the above on ONE PAGE. And yes, this ‘What’s coming at me?” report was on my desk every Monday morning! Now I routinely had accurate data to guide my company through the rapids over the next two weeks/ two months and yes, even the next two years!

NOTE: Email me at for a free ‘Flash Report’ template.🎉🎈🎀🎁 BTW, don’t worry. I won’t spam your email even if I knew how to spam you! (I don’t.)🤔

Best wishes💖 and may you have smooth rowing in the weeks ahead!


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