Service Clients Love It When You Get Their “Permission To Proceed”!

KickStart: Get more 5-star reviews by asking for the homeowner’s “Permission to Proceed” throughout the project.

Are you happy in our Home Services industry? You reply, “Absolutely, Steve! What’s not to love? I’m blessed with interesting jobs, the money is great and I work with some great customers and employees!” (Of course, these same clients and employees can be a trial sometimes!)

irked home services customer waitingBut now look through your first-time customer’s eyeglasses to feel in a very real sense… their pain!😥 Yep, as a homeowner waits for you and/or your employees he or she feels nervous, confused, suspicious, and even fearful. After al, they’ve heard about (or even experienced)😲 the horror stories about our residential service industry’s business practices!

Therefore, your company must “differentiate itself” by quickly providing a new, refreshing and yes, even fun experience for your residential customers! One way to delight new customers right-from-the-git-go? Always…

Get “permission to proceed”(PTP) at each step of their service experience! Here’s why…

When a homeowner gives you their PTP they’ll feel in control of what’s happening in their home. This “Illusion of Control” will hopefully transform an initially nervous, even hostile, client into a delighted Cheerleader that will leave a dramatically improve your client’s initially negative emotions about you and your workers. For example…

surprised home services customer calling

1. On the phone. New callers will inevitably open with a question. (Usually, “How much do you charge to…?) Your phone dispatcher should now “take ownership” of their prospect’s question.

Do this by warmly replying to a caller’s initial question with, “I can help you with that” and then smoothly continue, “May I ask you a few questions?”🤔 When the caller says, “Sure” you now have their PTP to proceed with your Valid Business Questions!

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2. At their front door. After introducing themselves (your workers do follow an introduction sequence… don’t they?)😲 an awkward pause can easily develop here. Here’s why: Your employees are waiting to be asked in to the home while your client is waiting for direction!😬

You can almost magically avoid this awkward “stand-off” when after your Team Leader introduces their crew they then subtly ask for their customer’s PTP by looking down at the work order while saying…

“I see we’re working in your living room, dining room and the master bedroom today…” and then let their voice trail off. The homeowner will almost automatically now say, “Oh, come in please!” and they’ll open the door!👍

NOTE: This is a great time for the Team Leader get PTP by asking, “Mrs. Jones, while you and I are looking over the job can the rest of my team be setting up our tools and equipment outside?” (You don’t want your staff inside rushing your walk-through  process.)

3. Before leaving. Remember instead of just “fading away” and bailing out it is essential to “walk the job” one last time with the customer to get their PTP. Or maybe better said it could be “PTL” as in Permission To Leave”!😊 Let’s work on your PTL soon!


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