Service Clients Love It When You Get Their “Permission To Proceed”!

KickStart: Get more 5-star reviews by asking for the homeowner’s “Permission to Proceed” throughout the project.

Are you happy in our Home Services industry? You reply, “Absolutely, Steve! What’s not to love? I’m blessed with interesting jobs, the money is great and I work with some great customers and employees!” (Of course, these same clients and employees can be a trial sometimes!)

irked home services customer waitingBut now look through your first-time customer’s eyeglasses to feel in a very real sense… their pain!😥

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Why (and How) to Avoid Becoming a ‘Commodity’

going out of business signYa gotta feel sorry for the poor retailers!😥 They’ve got pandemic problems, ‘supply chain’ issues, staffing challenges AND stores get ‘price shopped’ like crazy! After all, I can easily get 10 or 15 price quotes in a few seconds online for any manufactured good! (And you thought you had ‘Price Shopper’ issues!)😲

Remember, ‘people buy any commodity based on who offers the lowest price’! (Customers know a commodity is the same no matter where you buy it so why not go with the lowest price?) However…

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