Give Nervous Callers Control in 2 Easy Steps

KickStart: First time service callers are nervous callers! Make their service inquiry an empowering experience for them to improve your residential service sales.

nervous caller on phone

Talk about a ‘love-hate’ relationship!

You: “I LOVE being a Home Service Provider!(HSP) But I HATE dealing with the incessant stream of ‘price shopping’ phone callers!”

My clients: “I LOVE the results of the (insert service here) in my home. But I HATE how the process made me feel! It was super stressful calling/ choosing/ booking a Service Provider!”😲

NOTE: Customers also feel super vulnerable, trapped and even invaded with strangers in their home but that’s for another a blog post!

Wow! Love and hate from two opposing sides. And yet, you MUST ‘win over’ these skeptical, first time nervous callers to prosper in a home service business.💲💲 (And not go broke!) When I analyzed this challenging relationship I realized…

It’s All About a Sense of Control

Nervous callers desperately need to ‘feel in control’ of the transaction!🤔

I know. You’re asking: “But wait, Steve! Why are they calling ME if THEY want to be in control everything?” It’s complicated…

service phone inquiries are like courtship

Your first-time caller is ambivalent. They (obviously) want your service company to run the job/ do the work. And yet during the ‘just getting to know you’ phase a prospect needs to (wait for it!) FEEL in control. In other words, you must…

Give nervous callers the ‘Illusion of Control’.👌 Think about this…

Deciding who to trust to work in your home is like a ‘courtship’. And how does any ‘relationship’ normally begin? With ‘tentative flirting’ long before both parties decide to ‘get serious’.💖

After all, during this first phone call, text or Facebook Messenger contact your residential prospect doesn’t want to be an ‘easy catch’! If they give in immediately it’s like saying, “Take me! I’m yours!” Instead, nervous callers need to play a bit ‘hard to get’!

Give Nervous Callers Control

So, HOW can you give first-time callers the ‘Illusion of Control’? It’s simple with my…

Two-step ‘Permission to Proceed’ exchange! Here’s how it works:

Me: “Good morning! Thanks for calling Steve’s Home Services! This is Steve Toburen. How may we help you?”

Caller: “Ummmm… I’m just calling around checking prices. How much do you charge to…?”

Me: “I can help you with that. (Very slight pause.) May I ask you a few questions?”

This is such a powerful exchange! You subtly ‘take ownership’ of this call when you reply, “I can help you with that.” (This works for any caller- not just ‘price shoppers’.) But now give your prospect the Illusion of Control when you say…

“May I ask you a few questions?” The unspoken message here? In order for me to “help you” I need to (wait for it) “ask you a few questions”!👍

NOTE: Only a VERY unreasonable prospect who wants your “help” (an answer to their opening question) will refuse to answer any questions about their needs!👎

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Remember, the number one reason most prospects open with “What will you charge for…?” simply is because they don’t know what else to ask!😖 But with this smooth ‘Permission to Proceed’ reply you ‘detour them’ by asking ‘Valid Business Questions’. (The vast majority will totally forget their initial price question!)

Let’s focus on the ‘Why and How of Valid Business Questions‘ soon!


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