Why (and How to) Focus on Your Last Scene with the Homeowner

KickStart: Before leaving, give clients a “tour” of the job and thank them for their business.πŸ’–

front line service workers under pressureI know, you (and your front-line workers) are under a lot of pressure.😲

The phone (hopefully) keeps ringing and every crew needs to “shoehorn in” an extra job or two… every day! So, it’s tempting to bang out this project and ZOOM off to the next Job! Don’t fall into this trap!πŸ‘Ž

WARNING! If you don’t focus on your current client A) you’ll likely be returning (more time lost!) on a minor complaint that a Cheerleader would have overlooked, B) this “ignored homeowner” will post a nasty 1-star online review and C) you’ll lose 1,000’s of dollars in “Downstream Income”! Instead…

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Help your customer feel that a) you care about them and their home when you b) give them the “Illusion of Control”! How? By getting their and “Permission to Leave” at each phase of the job! But wait!

As you (or your employees) are finishing up put the “cherry on top of the ice cream sundae” when you…

Always do a “final walkthrough” with the homeowner! This end-of-job-tour let’s you a) qualify anything that came out “less than perfect”, b) find out if they have any concerns and/or questions and c) sincerely thank your client for their business!

avoid angry home service callersNOTE: Homeowners HATE feeling abandoned and “left hanging out to dry”! (This will come back to haunt you!) Here’s how to avoid a ticked-off customer…

You: “Mrs. Jones, our team is finishing up now. Do you have time for a quick tour of what your finished result?”

Client: “Sure, Bill! Lead the way!”

You: “You’ll notice here…” and now with a touch of pride show the homeowner things that you feel came out well AND items that didn’t respond too.

PRO TIP: Clients love a service provider that is just a bit fussy, even OCD, about their work product. So during your final walkthrough discover something that isn’t perfect, apologize and touch it up… right in front of the homeowner!πŸ‘Œ

Hopefully you qualified any pre-existing issues before you start the work. But NEVER try to hide a problem.

As the old saying goes, “If you show the problem to the client, THEY own it. But if your customer discovers the problem and calls you on it, then YOU own it!” After walking the entire job with the homeowner you’ll need to bid them farewell…

But this “Goodbye Sequence” requires a whole different KickStart!


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