It’s Not ONLY About the Homeowner Client!

KickStart: The homeowner is always watching… everything and everywhere! Behave accordingly!

I’ve taught (pontificated?) extensively on the absolutely essential homeowner/service tech relationship. Basically, everything, including your family’s future financial welfare, comes down to how the client feels about your people involved in their service transaction!

However, emotions (and feelings) can be… complicated.🫢 (“Ya think, Steve?”) I’m reminded of a TV host, Art Linkletter, back in the day. Art was famous for his “Kids Say the Darndest Things!” observation. I would morph this into, “Clients Think (and Feel) the Darndest Things!” This means…

Your customers base their opinion of your employee(s) on the sum total of their “Observed Interactions”!

service staff is always on stageTherefore, you must stress to your employees that when they drive your trucks, wear your uniform and/or represent your company they are “on stage” being (closely) watched by customers AND potential customers! For example…

1. Other company employees. We all FEEL uncomfortable when involved (even peripherally) in a confrontation. (And it’s even worse when it happens in your home!) But, on the other hand, when you observe a company’s workers enjoying each other it just makes you FEEL good! Maybe even good enough to (cough-cough) leave a 5-star review!

NOTE: Don’t over-complicate this positive feeling with a lot of rules. Instead, promote a company-wide “family atmosphere” and your employees will automatically respond by drawing closer to each other.

2. Other drivers. I know, you want your staff to be “on time” to each appointment. But at what cost? Well, think  how you feel when you see someone driving like an idiot!😡 NOTE: Click HERE for specific ways to display “Proactive Courtesy” when driving.

homeowner watches service staff through blinds3. Other people. If my employees were “on the clock” (and even more so in a company uniform) then they were representing my company… everywhere! This included lunch stops, buying gas, shopping in retail stores, etc. What’s this mean? No profanity, loud talking, ogling the opposite sex, basically not acting like total idiots publicly!😖

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