Giving the ‘Illusion of Control’ to Home Service Customers

KickStart: Asking permission creates a trusting relationship with your residential clients.

“There is no substitute for hard work.” Thomas A. Edison

Do you love to work? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! And yet, over many years of working with homeowners, I’ve learned this “git ‘er done” attitude can be a trap! Here’s why…

nervous residential customerYou (or your employees) show up at a home, eager to kick butt and “git ‘er done”! But wait! Never forget you must first recognize and work with the pesky emotions of a nervous residential customer!🙄

Yep, with workers in the ‘inner sanctum’ of their home clients often subconsciously feel uneasy, vulnerable, trapped and even invaded! Reassure homeowners by subtly tweaking your Service Systems and the 5-star reviews will flood in! For example…

Give residential clients the ‘Illusion of Control’

Yes, it’s weird. Homeowners are ambivalent. They obviously don’t want to ‘control’ the job. (That’s why they called you!) But your clients want to FEEL like they’re in control!👍👍

Giving the ‘Illusion of Control’(IOC) should start with a potential client’s first call. But upon arriving at a customer’s home give IOC by simply…

Asking Permission!🙏 Here’s three easy ways to give immediate IOC and get the job started off right!

1. Ask permission to park in their driveway. If possible, park first in the street. Then introduce yourself and your crew to the homeowner and ask, “Would it be possible for us to park in your driveway?” (Customers love this simple IOC request!)💖

senior home services customer shows home2. Ask your client for a “tour”. Simply say, “Could you walk me through what we’ll be working on? And as we go please show me any ‘areas of concern’.” (By now your residential client will be positively swooning!)😉

3. Ask permission to ‘take care’ of something. Subtly call attention to a small service you’re ‘throwing in for free’ by asking, “Mrs. Jones, would it be OK with you if we just took care of this? It will be our gift to you…” (Now get out of Mrs. Jones way as she runs to her computer to leave a glowing 5-star review!)

Yep, program giving the ‘Illusion of Control’ into your front-line worker’s psyche (and daily procedures) and you’ll reap delighted Customer Cheerleaders that sing your praises from the rooftops!👌 Let’s talk more about this soon…


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