Help Your First Time Caller With These 6 FEELINGS!

KickStart: ‘Focus on the pain’ of a first time caller and you’ll dramatically increase your inbound call conversion rate!

All business is based on relationships.💖 But even more so for residential service providers. (That would be… YOU!) But the plot thickens with my ‘80% Principle’

undecided female home service customer

80% of how a residential customer decides if you did a ‘good job’ or a ‘bad job’ is based on how they FEEL about the people involved in the transaction!😍

Your challenge? This all-important relationship with a new prospect ‘just calling around’ (searching for a home service professional) will struggle right from the git-go! Here’s why…

Your first time caller is NOT a happy camper!😖 This means their negative attitude may doom your relationship before it even starts!

What does your first time caller feel?

So, let’s examine the FEELINGS of a prospective client as they (timidly) call an unknown service provider (YOU!) for the first time. Hopefully this process will make clear the challenges you face in ‘winning over’ a (first time) caller!

NOTE: See how often the phrase ‘first time’ pops up? This initial contact is the difficult one. After all, once a customer knows you and your employees (with your sparkling personalities!) they’ll automatically reschedule without the negative feelings profiled below! (Assuming they can remember who they used last time!)

CAUTION: This ‘relationship building’ normally gets dumped on your front-line employees working face-to-face with the customer. But your prospect’s Initial Contact with your company (often by phone) is a great way to help them FEEL wonderful about… YOUR BUSINESS!👌 (Even before your techs show up!)

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What are the first time caller emotions?

nervous first time caller

Meanwhile, let’s follow the old dictum of ‘knowing your enemy’ with a quick tour of your first time caller’s feelings and emotions…

1. Nervous- Your first time caller probably has had some not-so-good experience with another provider in your industry. (Maybe one of your competitors?) Can you blame them for being anxious?

2. Irritated (slightly)- Doubt me? Think how you feel when arranging ‘routine home maintenance’ vs. buying ‘fun stuff’! (New clothes, a new car/ boat/ flat-screen TV or my personal favorite, a new RV!) This means that a first time caller will be ‘slightly miffed’ by this ‘not fun’ process.

3. Impatient- This slight irritation often leads to an impatient “let’s get this over with” approach by the home owner.

4. Suspicious/cynical- Remember too these callers have heard in detail from their friends with all THEIR horror stories! (Possibly including dealing with nationally known franchises with less-than-stellar local reputations!)

5. SCARED- Yep, this home owner may well be feeling vulnerable with the upcoming ‘INVASION’ of their ‘inner sanctum’– their precious home!

6. FEAR- All of these above negative emotions lead to that ugly four-letter word: F-E-A-R! (A terrible start to any relationship which means our 80% Principle is in BIG trouble!)

WHY is your floundering prospect feeling all these ‘traumatized emotions’? After all, they’re just searching for a competent, TRUSTWORTHY Home Service Professional! Simple…

thankful home services customer

Help your first time caller

Your first time caller feels OUT OF CONTROL!😲 Tactfully and subtly give them back control of your initial conversation and your all-important relationship will blossom! Let’s focus on ‘giving control’ in our next Lead Conversion discussion!

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