First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions!

pleased female homeownerKickStart: “You never get a second chance to make a first IMPRESSion.” Will Rogers

Good old Will was correct! One of the best ways to immediately IMPRESS a homeowner is to…

Show up (if possible) EXACTLY on time! (To the second!)👍👍 

Don’t forget: Over the years your residential client has wasted an eternity worrying about when (or even if) contractors will show up. And she is reluctantly expecting to do spend her day fretting about you and/or your crew.😥 However…

Your goal? To “differentiate” yourself from your local competition. In fact, you want to be totally different from residential service businesses world wide! So, let’s look at how to deal “differently” with a homeowner’s “pre-inspection”

1. You left your office early and are discreetly parked a few blocks away from your client’s home. (Don’t worry- you’re still productively responding to emails, returning calls, etc.) Your smartphone chimes and reminds you that it is 3 minutes before your appointment.

technicianos should be exactly on time2. You drive to the home while watching the seconds count down on your (free) Digital Clock Seconds app. You smoothly arrive 30 seconds before your appointment and…

3. Ring the client’s doorbell exactly on time TO THE SECOND of your agreed-upon time to arrive! What will be the first words out of your customer’s mouth?

“I’m so IMPRESSed!💖 You are exactly on time! I’m not used to this!” And with a little smile you modestly reply…

4. “Well, Mrs. Jones, we try very hard to be different…”🙏 By now, Mrs. Jones is swooning with delight😍 which is the perfect first IMPRESSion you want to make! This job will (forgive me)🙄“run like clockwork”!🕰️

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ProTIP: Don’t promise (or even mention) on the initial call that you hope to be exactly on time. However, if you are running even a few minutes late ALWAYS notify the homeowner. Few things are more frustrating than waiting, waiting, AND waiting more while not hearing from anyone!

NOTE: This “ring the bell exactly to the second of your appointment time is a great goal for all residential services employees. However, it will be much easier for your sales and estimating staff to achieve it than production personnel. BUT the “keep your client informed of your arrival time” rule should be non-negotiable with ALL your workers.

WARNING: It is the Kiss of Death☠️ to show up early unannounced to a residential appointment! (Don’t ask me how I learned this one!)😬


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