Why (and How) to Avoid Becoming a ‘Commodity’

going out of business signYa gotta feel sorry for the poor retailers!😥 They’ve got pandemic problems, ‘supply chain’ issues, staffing challenges AND stores get ‘price shopped’ like crazy! After all, I can easily get 10 or 15 price quotes in a few seconds online for any manufactured good! (And you thought you had ‘Price Shopper’ issues!)😲

Remember, ‘people buy any commodity based on who offers the lowest price’! (Customers know a commodity is the same no matter where you buy it so why not go with the lowest price?) However…

As a Home SERVICES Provider you potentially have an incredible advantage over those businesses selling a COMMODITY. You’ll add a huge Secret Weapon to your business arsenal when you…

‘DIFFERENTIATE’ your company from your competitors!

homeowner customer complains about prices

When you make your services ‘desirably special’ prospective customers may still complain about your (hopefully higher) prices. But trust me- if you’ve ‘differentiated’ yourself enough they’ll just be bluffing! And callers will (almost) always happily pay your premium prices!

So HOW can you ‘differentiate’ your business from others?

1. Obsess over getting 5-star Google reviews- How? By ‘Service Engineering’ your customer’s EXPERIENCE with your company-  Your goal? Routinely creating delighted Cheerleader Customers who enthusiastically post ecstatic 5-star reviews as your employee’s truck leaves their driveway!

2. ‘Service Engineer’ your phone scripts- Develop Phone Formats to guide your dispatchers all the way from a prospects first timid phone call to the final Immediate Quality Check Call after your worker’s leave.

RESOURCE: You’ll receive dozens of ‘Service Engineered’ systems in our 3 hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for ‘Lead Conversion’ phone scripts to easily book prospects who use text, email, Facebook, website chat or even… the phone! HERE are our upcoming class dates…

3.  Develop a Very Best Company (VBC)- Home owners will be pleased to pay more for a worry-free service experience. Even better, the Very Best People will build a career with a fun, exciting but ‘drama-free’ VBC! (Once you’ve attracted a few great employees they’ll recruit more Very Best People!)

Hiring the Very Best classREMEMBER: All of the above goals are so much easier with quality employees. Learn how to recruit fantastic workers (they are out there!) in our SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more or register online…

One way to ‘differentiate’ your business? ALL your employees should display ‘extraordinary courtesy’ to everyone. Let’s discuss this soon! Meanwhile, please be proud to be ‘different’!


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