5 Tips to Finding Employees: Leverage Current Workers

Dear Home Services professional,

workers finding employees through friends

Welcome to the new world of finding employees! (HINT: It’s a disaster out there and especially when looking for technicians!)😲 Finding quality front-line workers has always been tough in our industry. But now? It is a war out there!

In any war the side with the best army wins! Which means you must start ‘recruiting’. I recently shared how to convert your clients into ‘CRO’s’. (Customer Recruiting Officers) Think about it.🤔 Who knows better than your clients who should be working in their homes?

However, you have another great ‘recruiting resource’ already working for you! That’s right…

Reward your employees for their recruiting efforts!

After all, hopefully your current workers are what I call the ‘Very Best People.’ And Steve’s secret sauce here is…

The Very Best People hang out with (and want to work with) other Very Best People!

So, if only to make their daily work easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling your staff will eagerly support your new ‘Finding Employees Initiative’! Here’s how to get this neat idea started…

1. Become a ‘Very Best Company’.

Much tougher to accomplish than to write! Ask yourself, “Would I want to work for me… long term?” If your honest answer is a resounding “NO WAY, Steve!” then you have your work cut out for you!

Simply put, great employees will only work long term for a stable ‘Very Best Company’ where they feel listened to, cared for, AND rewarded. (You knew I’d eventually get around to MONEY!)

2. Make Finding Employees an ongoing process.👍👍

Start now and NEVER stop. Otherwise, you’ll fall prey to the ‘Dreaded Desperation Hiring’! Recognize that even if you have a great team now (CONGRATULATIONS!) this can change quickly. So, build a list of currently employed Team Candidates that you’ve pre-interviewed. (IF you’ve created a VBC they’ll wait for a better career!)

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3. Organize your hiring and interview processes.

Stop investing time and effort with ‘marginal people’. Instead, create a ‘Hiring Funnel’ that will automatically ‘sort’ applicants with 1) a phone interview, 2) an initial on-site application (or a quick Zoom interview), 3) reference and internet checking of the best candidates and finally 4) a face-to-face Interview Format.

4. Carefully plan out your ‘Employee Recruiting Initiative’. (ERI)

Avoid the typical entrepreneur’s impulsive ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’ here. (It is extremely demotivating to employees to have new compensation programs tinkered with after introduction.) Instead…

a) Explain to your staff your business expansion plans AND what’s in it for them! (I assume this is WHY you need more employees!)

b) Recognize, commend, and gratefully thank your existing workers for their efforts. We don’t do this enough! Acknowledge the tough current hiring environment. Don’t kid yourself- your staff already knows they are a prized commodity. (More on this subject soon.)

c) Set expectations. Clearly explain what positions will be available. But more importantly, specify that your goal is finding employees that are quality, reliable individuals. People that your employees will love working with.

NOTE: Hopefully you’ve been giving every employee their very own business cards on their first day of work. (A GREAT employee ‘Moment of Truth’!) If not, hand their personal business cards out in this meeting. (Each employee’s color photo on their business card will get you bonus points!)

d) Ask your staff to start ‘reaching out’. How? By promoting a job with your company to ALL their friends and acquaintances. (Not just the ones looking for work!)

5. Explain your ERI rewards.

Carefully plan out this compensation beforehand. Some home service professionals are giving a fun ‘Date Night Certificate’ (always great to have the spouse on your side!) for any referred application. Then if an employee’s referral makes it through your ‘Hiring Funnel’ and becomes an Approved Team Candidate publicly and with great fanfare gift them a crisp $100.00 bill!

BONUS OFFER: Email me your projected ERI systems to stoburen@homefrontsuccess.com for a free and confidential analysis.


In today’s competitive hiring market, finding employees can feel like an uphill battle. But now you can go on the offensive! Start (and never stop) recruiting the Very Best People!😁 Use your untapped secret weapon that is already at your disposal. By empowering your current staff to become talent scouts, you will tap into a network of pre-vetted candidates who very likely already share your company culture and values. This not only saves you time and resources, but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride within your existing team. Start building your dream team from within today!


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