3 Steps to New Hire Retention

KickStart: Boost new hire retention by emotionally tying your new employee to your company. How? ‘Stage manage their hiring’.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve hired a great new employee! Charlie is pumped about his new career, you’re over-the-moon excited and you can’t wait till Charlie starts on Monday morning! But then…

new hire retention drives managers crazy

On Friday afternoon you get the dreaded text: “Steve, I appreciate the opportunity. But I’ve decided to go a different way in my career. Best wishes and I’m very sorry to do this to you. Charlie”

AAAARGH! What happened? Who knows?🤷‍♂️ Charlie got a better offer, his previous job called him back to work and/or his wife made fun of his new job working for your company! (You and I both know our Home Services industry is wonderful. But come on… we don’t have the greatest public image and new hire retention is a true challenge!)😲

You deal daily with ‘buyer’s remorse’– that awful feeling of second-guessing a purchasing decision. This uncertainty, even regret, means your already scheduled customer might ‘bail out’– and often at the last minute!😥 (This is a whole different blog post.) But you must also…

Right after hiring an employee take immediate steps to keep them from ‘New Hire Remorse’!

Yep, IMMEDIATELY after hiring a new job candidate make them feel 1) welcome, 2) important and 3) an essential part of their new team… RIGHT AWAY! Your goal? To subtly keep a new hire excited and COMMITTED to their new career (and life) with your company instead of continuing to weigh their options and/or bail out on you!

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RESOURCE: We’ll do a deep dive into how to recruit, interview and hire great employees in my SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. You’ll also receive a complete onboarding system to get new workers up-to-speed right from the git-go! Click HERE to learn more. But meanwhile, a few tips…

3 Steps to New Hire Retention in Home Service Industries

Step #1- Give your new hire a tour. Walk Charlie around your business. Introduce him to his new co-workers. (Excited greetings and good feelings all around!) Make his new career ‘real’ by showing Charlie his desk, truck, tools or equipment he’ll be working with.

NOTE: Even better, follow my recommended ‘Trial Hire’ technique BEFORE you offer any job candidate a full-time position.

Step #2- Email all employees (including Charlie) his photo and bio. Privately encourage your staff to email Charlie with ‘high-five congratulations’👍👍! Get that family feeling going right away!💖

Step #3- Order Charlie his new personal business cards! Right after hiring take your new hire’s photo for his or her new ID badge. (Every employee needs an ID badge any way!) If they’re not starting right away have their cards delivered to their home address!

REMINDER: New hire retention also requires ‘stage managing’ your new employee’s first day at work. Let’s focus on this important topic soon!


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