The ‘Triple-S’ Work Environment (Part 2)

KickStart: Reliable people (the ones you want to hire) will only stay long-term in a sane, non-crazy work routine.

All businesses are desperately searching (praying?)🙏 for safe, sane (no-drama), and stable (reliable) employees.💖 You too? Of course you are! After all, your business growth (and inevitable turnover) means you should constantly be ‘recruiting’!

WARNING: For you as a Home Services Pro sane and stable employees are critical! Why? Because you’re sending your workers into your customer’s ‘inner sanctum’, their home!

find best service techniciansThis ‘delicate’ work environment involves huge legal, ethical and financial implications! Simply put? You must hire (and keep) ONLY the ‘Very Best People’!👍

CHALLENGE: The ‘Very Best People’ (they ARE out there) will only build a career🤝 with a Very Best Company that offers…

A ‘Triple S’ work routine that is 1) Safe, 2) SANE and 3) Stable!

upset home service manager1) Safe. I recently flogged you high-octane Home Services entrepreneurs on the crying need to create a ‘safe place’ emotionally for your staff. (No more screaming 😖 at your employees!)

So today let’s concentrate on the “Sane” part of the Triple-S equation… 

2) SANE. Yep, employees crave an orderly, predictable and sane work routine. Can your staff rise to the occasion and perform herculean tasks in an emergency? Absolutely! But…

When every, single day is a CRISIS even your Very Best People will burn out and move on to a less crazy job.😥 And who can blame them?🤷‍♂️

NOTE: If you do find a worker that glories in constant ‘crunch time’ they’ll likely become your future competitor!😲 ALL good employees (especially the solid, organized people you want to hire) need ‘sanity’ in their daily work routine.

SOLUTION: Build a ‘Business Infrastructure’ of written systems and procedures that details out step-by-step each task in your company.👌 Then chart how each task relates to others and your overall workflow. For example…

Winning over your caller classRESOURCE: Does your office panic when a caller opens with, “How much do you charge for…?” If so, your staff needs a ‘Phone Infrastructure’! You’ll receive over 80 pages of phone scripts and procedures in my ‘Winning over your caller’ LIVE seminar.💲💲💲  Click HERE for upcoming dates or to learn more…


service company gears and cogs

Think about this: A ‘Business Infrastructure’ should function like a machine with many gears all consistently meshing together to consistently produce your Desired End Product… a delighted, loyal and very profitable Cheerleader customer! (We should talk about this concept soon!)

And finally, after focusing on a 1) “Safe” and 2) “Sane” work environment and culture you must build a…

3) Stable company. Why? Because employees (and eventually your successor) will only ‘buy into’ a solid, firmly established, permanent business. After all, your workers are placing their family’s future financial security in your hands! Sounds like #3 in the ‘Triple-S’ should be next on our agenda!

Best wishes on developing an orderly, predictable and SANE work routine for all your employees. Let me know how I can help!


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