Six Steps to Build a ‘Critical Mass Business’

KickStart: Find the elusive ‘Personal Freedom’ by starting NOW to create a Critical Mass Business that will run smoothly without you! 

Let’s take a semi-nostalgic trip back to your high-school days with one question: Did you PLAN on becoming a Home Services business owner? Seriously?

Me? I just sort of drifted into my Home Services business! (HSB) Why? Because as Luke 16:4 says, “I was not strong enough to dig, and was too ashamed to beg”!😲 Plus I was basically ‘unemployable’ in the corporate sector. (As a born rebel I still am unemployable!)

small business owner dreaming of critical mass business

Does any of the above resemble your life? If so, you’re likely making a good living working in your HSB. CONGRATULATIONS! And yet, how much longer can you physically (and emotionally) maintain your current business pace?πŸ€”

Don’t like your answer? (Here’s seven more ‘introspective questions’ to ponder on!) Then seriously consider taking steps now to…

Build a ‘Critical Mass Business’ that will run smoothly with OR without you!

What is a Critical Mass Business (CMB)?

A CMB can bring you what I call the ‘New Wealth’– the Personal Freedom to live the rest of your life exactly as you wish. (Including being involved day-to-day in your exciting, fulfilling HSB IF that’s what you choose!)

So HOW do you build a smoothly running CMB? After working with over 6,000 HSB owners over the last 30 years I’ve developed a 6-step ‘Growing into a Critical Mass Business’ checklist. Here’s an overview…

6 Steps to CMB Freedom

1. ‘Hire the Very Best’ people! I put the most important (and difficult) step first. With the ‘right people’ creating a Critical Mass Business becomes fun, profitable and yes… even inspiring! And if you tolerate the ‘wrong people’ long term in your company? HELL ON EARTH!

NOTE: Check out our ‘Hiring the Very Best’ online seminar schedule for employee recruiting and hiring systems designed just for the Home Services industry.

2. Make it ‘Easier to do it right than to do it wrong’. Most small service businesses have little or no ‘Business Infrastructure’ (written systems and procedures) to structure their employees daily routine. So workers are forced into ‘making it up as they go’. This ongoing inefficiency leads to A) frustrated employees, B) much lower profits and even worse, C) a business that needs you to be there 24-7 screaming at your staff!😲

promote a family working environment

3. Keep the Very Best People long term. I know. The big buzz phrase right now is ‘hiring crisis’. (And we ARE in a “crisis”.) But even more important is ’employee retention’ as in creating a family atmosphere that binds your workers to you emotionally!😍 (We should talk about this.)

4. TRAIN your people on what to do. Do you “train” your employees? Seriously? Not just on the ‘how to do it’ but also on the ‘why we do it this way’? Do you have a written Daily Training System for a new tech’s first two weeks? (See point #2 re: ‘Business Infrastructure’.) Do you have a skilled employee assigned to train (and more importantly ‘mentor’) this new hire for (hopefully) their first month?

5. Let them know how they are doing! We ALL crave feedback, recognition and rewards. (BTW, let ME know your thoughts on this blog post!)😎 Do you have routine systems set up to recognize AND reward your employees? (I LOVE the concept of ‘Positive Accountability’!)

HINT: I sometimes surprised a deserving employee with a ‘Date Night’ certificate.πŸ’– (Dinner for two and movie passes, etc.) This way I got the spouse on my side too!

6. Get LOSERS out of your business! (And your life!) I’ll admit my ‘hiring funnel’ occasionally failed me! (What is a hiring funnel? Check out this video interview with my two favorite Jeffs.) But then I would compound my blunder by not getting rid of a marginal worker. If you’ve been waffling on this issue read my The Why (and how) of Firing a Marginal Worker!

Oh and by the way, as you digest all of the above please be grateful that you CAN (if you wish) take charge of your life! And me? I’m just grateful that you’re still reading my jumbled up thoughts here!😍 THANK YOU!


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