Do You Appreciate the Potential You Have?

I seldom quote the Bible in business. (Even though virtually all Bible principles can help us find business success. Don’t get me started…)

However, maybe  the recipe to FEEL successful in business (and life) is based on four little words found at the end of Colossians  3: 16: “And show yourselves thankful.”

That’s right- if YOU personally FEEL “thankful” and SHOW this gratefulness in your daily life- I call that “success”! So should you be grateful for the potential you have working in the residential services industry?

ABSOLUTELY! Working in customer’s homes has so many potential advantages! I don’t know of another business sector that A) has lower capital investment requirements, B) faster growth possibilities (especially if you “Service Engineer” your work delivery) and C) higher profit margins than “Working on the Home Front” IF*… (WHY is there always an “if”?)

But ONLY IF you “do it right” in your business! “Do it wrong” and you’ll condemn yourself (and your family) to a marginal, hard-scrabble existence trapped in a hopeless and joyless life! UGGGHHHH! I’m getting depressed just writing about it!

So let’s “do it right”! Now I could (and I have!) write a 100,000 word blog post on the need to 1) Start with the end in mind, 2) avoid the “Road In-Between”, 3) choose your “Sweet Spot” in life, 4) develop a “Business Infrastructure” and 5) possibly build a “Critical Mass Business”. Now I’m getting tired just writing about all those steps! Instead…

You need something “quick and easy”! Or as an insurance adjuster I used to work with in my restoration service business used to tell me, “Steve, just give me something to hang my hat on!” So hang your hat on this- starting TODAY! Ready?

Totally obsess over creating a “Cheerleader” out of every home owner you work for! How? NOT by doing “better work”! After all, chances are your poor, pitiful and defeated-by-life competitors do good (or at least adequate) work. In fact, forget about WHAT you do for just a minute. (This will be tough for the macho, tool-obsessed technician types among us!)

NOW list out specific steps you can take to delight (and yes- even surprise) a residential customer! Uh-oh- lemme guess- your phone just rang or another email buzzed in or you received a text or Facebook is calling, etc, etc, etc! If this is the new “scattered you” (me too!) may I humbly suggest…

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. I’ve already come up with the “wheel” (I call it a “Service Circle”) for you. And yep…

Coincidentally my 12 session, 7 hour “Winning on the Home Front” training course can be downloaded HERE. Then you can “listen and learn” during your dead time as you drive or travel. Even better you can put my “Winning” course on as many technician’s smart phones as you wish (for no extra charge) so they can refocus themselves on Making the Cheerleader! (And making HUGE profits for you!)

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