Solopreneur? 7 Limitations of Being the Hero in Your Service Biz

customers love solopreneurs

I’m assuming you’re an expert solopreneur in your chosen home services sector. PLUS you are talented, reliable, honest, hardworking and have a sparkling personality!😁 So undoubtedly your clients passionately love… YOU!💖

“My clients love me, Steve?  Then I guess I’m ‘successful’! WOO-HOO!” STOP!🛑 This ‘client love affair’ should scare you to death! Why? It is the ‘two-edged sword’ found in the phrase, “…your clients love… YOU!

On one hand, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are Winning on the Home Front!  After all, we all ‘love being loved’!😍 (Me too!) And yet…

This simple, ego-stroking statement: “…your clients love… YOU!” is a TRAP!😲

Here’s why!

When your customers ONLY want YOU in their homes your business (and your life) will be very ‘limited’.😥 Let me count the ways…

1. LIMITED income potential.

Sure, you can (and should) raise your prices. (In my online ‘Winning over your caller’ online LIVE seminar I share how to never lose a past client due to a price increase!) But inevitably you WILL ‘limit out’ financially if your business is ‘all about you’! Instead, focus on…

A VISION: Think about the joy (and profits) of having10, 20, 50 or 100 crews (don’t fall into ‘self-limiting beliefs’ here!) out in the field. And all of them are profitably working without YOU having to be physically present 24-7 at every job-site! WOW!💲💲💲

RESOURCE: This is why you need my 3-hour, online Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar.👌 To get 100’s of new hiring ideas and systems and/or easily register online click HERE. And it’s not just the money! You eventually will have to deal with…

2. LIMITED physical energy.

NEWS FLASH! You’re not getting any younger! How much longer can YOU personally keep up the hard, physical work required in your home service biz? Sure, you work out and eat right… most of the time. But even so, your body is only going one way! And it’s not just on a physical level!

3. LIMITED mental and emotional capacity.

Burning out for solo small service business owners is a very real problem. When your clients ‘only want YOU’ then YOU have to do it all! This constant pressure means sooner or later you’ll hit the wall. (OR your family will!) Plus you will have…

4. LIMITED (or no) ‘time off’.

I know. You love your job! WHOOPS! Did I slip and call your business a “job”? Well, think about it.🤔 With a job if YOU don’t ‘clock in’… you don’t get paid! And if this love affair between your customer(s) and YOU means YOU physically have to always ‘clock in’ that sounds like a “JOB” to me!😲 This leads to my…

Service Biz Question:

When was the last time you took a ‘real vacation’?😎 (Serious time away from your very needy clients AND without a cell phone grafted to your ear?)

injuries in service biz

5. LIMITED personal security.

We’re all very fragile people! (For me it was a 4″ grinder slicing through my right-hand extensor tendons!) For you? It could be the next pandemic, a drunk driver running a red light or just tripping on a job-site extension cord!😖 Which leads to another very serious…

Service Biz Question:

What would happen to your business and/or your family if you wind up in traction for three months? Or worse! (The average American is three paychecks away from being homeless! What about YOU?)

6. LIMITED retirement possibilities.

Look at the (very) limited business (and life!) profiled in the five points above.👆 Would you pay big money to buy this company built completely around YOU? If not, can you really expect a wealthy investor to buy your solopreneur business in the future… just so you can comfortably retire? WOW! In other words if YOU don’t change your attitudes and action immediately you face very…

7. LIMITED future ‘life options’!

Please, right now… ponder on your family’s financial future. When you need (want?) to retire (it’s coming!) you can A) barely exist on Social Security👎 (seriously?), B) grudgingly continue working as a slave to your business😥 or C) take out a large life insurance policy and hope you don’t outlive your (very limited) savings!😲 YOUCH! And yet…

So, is being a Solopreneur your ticket to success?

DON’T DESPAIR! Thousands of home service industry professionals have transformed their businesses (and their lives) with my Service Engineering concepts and online LIVE seminars. You have UNLIMITED options going forward IF you change… YOU! Let’s focus on this ‘you renovation process’ very soon!


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