3 Tips to Grow Your Business = Residential Services Perfection

KickStart: Stop being a perfectionist & grow your business! Is it really possible? YES! 1) Redefine ‘perfect’ & 2) build a ‘Critical Mass Business’ that thrives without you.

I’ve been accused (unjustly in my opinion) of being ‘a bit OCD’!😲 OK, OK! I’ll admit I liked things to be ‘perfect’ in my home services business and especially for my much-loved customers! Sound like anyone you know?🤔

Here’s the deal. If you seriously want to grow your business into a ‘Critical Mass Business’ (one that will run smoothly without you being there 24-7) you MUST tweak your definition of ‘perfection’. Here’s why…

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When you refuse to entrust your much-loved customers to even a great employee you are ‘trapping yourself on the truck’! (I recently focused on the ego-stroking but very limiting dead end of your clients ‘ONLY loving you’!)😥 Let’s face this problem head on:

YOU SAY: “No employee will ever do it as ‘perfectly’ as I do!” My reply? TRUE! (No employee will perform as well as you THINK you do!) After all, NO ONE will ever be as invested in your business as you are!

For example, are you STILL booking your own work? If so, cut the chains ⛓️ enslaving you to YOUR phone and…

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FACT: Decent employees can be ‘perfect’ IF you buy into my business definition of…

per·fec·tion: “Sufficient for its intended purpose”!

Grow Your Business Perfectly!

WOW! What an incredibly ‘liberating’ concept! No more being ‘trapped on the truck’ with your OCD fear of trusting your precious customers to… employees! Instead, learn to ‘let go’ by meditating on this ‘transformational’ question:

“What is ‘sufficient’ for my residential clients?” In other words, learn to ‘accept and expect less’ and in the process… you’ll find ‘Personal Freedom’! Here’s my suggested three-item checklist residential ‘Job Perfection Checklist’:

3 Tips to Grow Your Business “Job Perfection”

man cuts paver with grinder
Tip 1 – Good Work Will Grow Your Business

1) Good work. Obviously. But honestly, with good technical training and the right tools, “doing good work” really isn’t that difficult. Your challenge? The smooth, consistent DELIVERY of this ‘good work’!

SOLUTION? Obsess over your ‘Business Infrastructure’. (Written systems and procedures that ‘make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong’.) Why? Because a business in chaos simply can’t consistently create Cheerleaders! (Plus, even good employees quickly become frustrated by a disorganized operation.)

Pro TIP: Remember that you (and your staff) don’t get to define what a “good job” is. Instead, it all comes down to…

female customer gives five star review after excellent service experience
Tip 2 – Delighted Customers Will Grow Your Business

2) A delighted customer! BINGO! All Home Service businesses need 5-star reviews (the very best marketing!) and the more the better!

SOLUTION? Recognize that 80% of HOW a homeowner decides on ‘job quality’ (and whether they leave you a 5-star or 1-star review!) is based on the RELATIONSHIP your client has with the staff involved in their transaction. NOTE: Be sure to orient/reward employees on the ‘why and how’ of making Customer Cheerleaders!)

Pro TIP: It is tempting to load ALL this ‘relationship building work’ on your technicians. (And yes, front-line techs are essential in the Cheerleader Development Process.) BUT your team must also get a new customer ‘started off right’ in their initial phone call…

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Logically, when your residential Critical Mass Business routinely cranks out good work AND consistently creates ecstatic Customer Cheerleaders you will be rolling in…

female service business owner watches profits go up
Tip 3 – Profit Will Grow Your Business

3) PROFIT! Yep! I tell my training classes that “All other things being equal… MORE money is better than NO money!” Agreed?

SOLUTION? 1) ‘Service Engineer’ how your employee’s DELIVER the quality work they already do and then 2) confidently raise your prices! Customers WILL pay more but they won’t offer to do so unless you charge more!

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THE RESULT: ‘Personal Freedom’ for YOU? (And your family.) Remember, the purpose of your business should be to serve you… not the other way around. This is a very valid reason to put in the effort and grow your business. BUT this won’t happen automatically…

SOLUTION? Suck it up and learn to LET GO! Home Service Pros love to blame the tough hiring environment for staying on the truck (and hiring IS BRUTAL now!) but YOU are your own worst enemy!

Pro TIP(s): 1) Document and chart your service business production flow, 2) Build your 5-star Cheerleader reviews (best marketing ever!) 3) Hire the ‘Very Best People’ (they ARE out there!), 4) Add ‘Positive Employee Accountability (stellar efforts/results deserve to be recognized and rewarded), 5) Gradually LET GO! (More on these five steps going forward.)

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REFLECTION TIME: Seriously, if the home owner believes that 1) your staff did a ‘good job’, 2) is delighted with the service they received AND 3) your company has made a nice profit isn’t this a PERFECT JOB?💖 If so, you now need to LET GO! Including letting go of the phone…

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And I need to ‘let go’ by asking one question: Are you motivated now to ‘transform’ and grow your business? (And just maybe your life?) Yes? WOO-HOO! Our conversation here was “Sufficient for its intended purpose” and therefore PERFECT!😁 Thank you and let’s ‘git ‘er done’… TOGETHER!


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