“PMOT’s” for a Confused Homeowner

KickStart: Pre-orient a confused new residential client on what will you’ll be doing in their home. (#2 in an “intermittent series”- Click HERE for #1.)

Ella Fitzgerald stamp“Bewitched, bothered and BEWILDERED?”  Folks, it’s not just Ella way back in 1956 that was ““Bewitched, bothered and BEWILDERED”! As a new homeowner nervously awaits your company to service their home they too are “bewildered”! (And very, very CONFUSED!) Think about it…

Your new customer doesn’t know anything about the service they’ve hired your business to perform. (After all, that’s why they called you!) Even worse, nervous homeowners don’t even know how to judge what a “good job” is!🤷‍♂️

Your goal? “Defuse” a new customer’s initially negative emotions with pre-programmed Positive Moments of Truth!(PMOT’s) You’ll do this when you…

reluctant online home service shopperPre-orient the homeowner on WHAT to expect and HOW to judge if your employee is exceeding industry standards.

A) While they’re “shopping”: Focus your website on converting first-time prospects. Take photos and videos of your (hopefully clean-cut  and smiling) employees working in customer’s homes. Frame the photos to include worker’s clean, pressed uniforms, your logoed service trucks and/or employee’s photo ID badges. (You have implemented all this stuff? Right?)

B) Over the phone: After booking the job email your new client a “How to get your home ready for us” checklist. Include a link to your “Here’s what you can expect” website landing page with videos explaining your services and processes. Result: Your client feels “in control”!

BONUS TIP: In this introductory email include links profiling your different, synergistic “Additional Service Options” that can easily (and profitably) be done while you’re already there onsite working.

C) In person at their front door: After introducing yourself quickly review why you are there. Yes, I realize the homeowner made the appointment! But people forget! Then ask your client if they’ll give you a quick tour of what you’ll be working on and to please show you any “areas of special concern”. (Don’t use the word “problem” with a customer.)

Takeaway: When a homeowner knows WHAT will happen in their home and HOW to judge the job quality they’ll be incredibly grateful! In fact, they’ll often say “Thank you” as you leave. How should you (or your employees) reply? Let’s focus on this soon!

Best wishes!


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