It’s All About “Cheerleaders”!

So what is a “Customer Cheerleader”?

Simply stated a Cheerleader is an “unpaid salesperson” for your company. These clients LOVE your service, employees, company and yes- YOU so much that they passionately promote (and push!) your services to their friends, neighbors and associates.


NOTE: Then these delighted Cheerleader Customers go online and preach your virtues to the entire world but that is a subject for another post! 🙂

How can you (and your employees) consistently create Cheerleaders for your company?

  • Analyze carefully every single interaction your prospects and customers have with your brand and employees.
  • Do everything in your power to consistently make these interactions a Wow! moment.
  • Give your front-line technicians the concepts and the tools to make Customer Cheerleaders.

Now you can eventually accomplish some of the above through trial and error… OR you can cut years off your learning (error) curve by letting one of the world’s best small business experts “Service Engineer” your customer/employee relationships.

Steve Toburen’s 12 session, 7 hour MP3 training course, Winning on the Home Front!will jump start your Cheerleader making efforts! You will…

  • Understand WHY some clients become delighted Cheerleaders… and others don’t!
  • Learn to look through your Customer’s Eyeglasses. HINT: It isn’t a pretty sight!
  • “Service Engineer” the thousands of Moments of Truth that happen each day in your service business.
  • Train and motivate your technicians to become “Customer Cheerleader machines”.

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