Fearlessly Answer Your Phone

KickStart: Instead of calling it a ‘script’ give your staff a proactive ‘Phone Format’. (You’ll hit less employee resistance!)

don't react to price shopping home service callers

Your business phone rings, you (timidly) answer and yet once again you hear the question you dread…

“Yeah, ummm… I was just calling around to see how much you charge…?” And panic strikes!

Seriously? I mean, how many times have you heard this query over the years? And yet you and/or your staff STILL don’t have a ‘phone script’? If so, I SAY GREAT!👍👍 Here’s why…

NEVER use a ‘phone script’!

Should you guide your employees in how to subtly control the conversation? ABSOLUTELY! But here’s the problem with the word“script”

No one wants to feel like they’re a ‘robot’.😲 (Too often people think a “script” will dictate their every word!)😥 Therefore, even your very best employees will resist being forced to slavishly follow a word-for-word “script”! Instead…

home service receptionist uses a phone format for price inquiries

Call it a ‘Phone Format’!👌

A Phone Format is just an outline, a framework that help’s your office staff routinely convert this ‘lead’ (prospect) into a booked job. (The word ‘format’ will be much more palatable to your employees than a ‘script!)👍

NOTE: I include many different ‘Phone Formats’ (that you can customize to fit your business) in my 3 hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more or register online…

I know. You’re thinking: “Steve, who cares about a few lousy ‘Price Shoppers’?” Read on for two reasons why you must get OCD over your ‘Lead Conversion’ strategies. (This will be HUGE for your business!)

1) The vast majority of prospects who ask call, text or email you with the good old “What will you charge for…?” simply don’t know what else to ask! After all, they aren’t experts in the services you offer. (That’s WHY they are calling you!) And yet none of us want to appear ‘easy’ and/or gullible… so we fall back on “How much…?”

2) When you blow off a ‘price question’ you are potentially losing many $1,000.00’s in ‘downstream income’– even if it’s a minimum charge job! (Click HERE if you doubt me!)

So HOW do you come up with a Phone Format? (I’m assuming you want to get started before my next SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar.) Start by putting on your ‘Prospect’s Eyeglasses’ to feel THEIR pain as they contact you to intrude in their inner sanctum.

NEWS FLASH: Callers do NOT look forward to searching for residential service providers! But your Phone Format will change this!💖

BONUS: It’s not just the phone any more! The principles to develop a Phone Format also work perfectly in responding to texts, Facebook Messenger, emails, website chat and Yelp inquiries, etc too!💲💲💲

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Let’s focus on the (mostly negative) feelings your prospect has as they call/ text/ Facebook/email you real soon!


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