An Essential Residential “Stage Prop” (Part II)

KickStart: When a homeowner points out a concern and/or makes a request immediately make a note of it on a clipboard.

I recently shared why a service crew leader should use a clipboard during their initial interaction with a residential client. After all…

A clipboard gives your on-site employee 1) authority, 2) confidence and 3) a built-in “teleprompter” to check their next lines in the “Homefront Service” stage play you’ve scripted!

But wait! Here’s the biggest benefit a clipboard brings to the essential homeowner-service worker relationship! DRUMROLL, PLEASE! 🎉🎊🎈🎇🎉

Take “Immediate Action” by writing down your client’s concerns on a… CLIPBOARD!

technician writes concerns on service orderThis concept of “Taking Immediate Action” should permeate your employee’s entire onsite behaviour. Doubt me? Then you choose whether option “A” or “B” below will more likely result in a 5-star online review from a delighted Cheerleader?

Option A:

Client: “Ummmm, excuse me but I’m a bit concerned about this area over here…”

Chuck: (Yawns) “OK, Mrs. Jones, I’ll take a look at it…” 😲 Versus…

Option B- Client: “Ummmm, excuse me but I’m a bit concerned about this area over here…”

Chuck: “Absolutely, Mrs. Jones. Can you show me exactly where we’re talking about? I’ll make a note on your work order to remind us to give it special attention and then on our final walk-through you can check it again. And THANK YOU for sharing your concern with me!” 

Client: (Thinking silently) “I LOVE this company!”❤️

NOTE: Always be sure to thank a customer for pointing out their concerns! (It’s so much better to resolve things now instead of getting surprised with a nasty review later!)

HINT:  If possible, create an even better Moment of Truth with Mrs. Jones by a) writing it down AND b) fixing the issue and/or resolving her concerns right then and there! DONE!😍

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