All Hail the ‘Triple-S’ Work Environment (Part 1)

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KickStart: Promote a 1) Safe, 2) Sane and 3) Stable atmosphere in your company to attract and keep the Very Best People. (HINT: It starts with YOUR example.)

If you’re reading this I’m guessing that you (like me) are a steely-eyed Home Services ‘gladiator’ (entrepreneur) that glories in the daily cut-and-thrust of commerce!

I was (Sioux says I still am)🙄 an adrenaline junky that ‘gets his fix’ from winning in the grand game of business! Is this you too? If so, here’s your danger…

Your ‘abnormal’ frenetic business obsession likely has become the new ‘normal’ in your company! 

Remember, to grow into a Critical Mass Business (OR to just get off the ‘off the truck’) you must hire stable, quality workers. Your problem? Even the best employees HATE the constantly scrambling, obsessed, under-the-gun work pace of the typical Home Services business owner and his or her business

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Therefore, to attract and keep the Very Best People long term you must create a routine company culture based on what I call…

The ‘Triple S’: Safe, Sane and Stable! Today, let’s focus on the first of our three “S’s”

SAFE: People everywhere today (including your workers) are living under incredible pressure. So, when your employees come to work they should feel emotionally ‘safe’ and protected.

I know. You’re thinking, “Steve, wassup with this touchy-feely, ‘safe’ stuff? I’m already giving them a paycheck- what more do they want?”😡 Here’s the deal: No quality, ‘Very Best Person’ will stay long term with any employer ONLY for a paycheck!

wrapped in warm fuzzy feelingsInstead, to stay long-term with your company an employee must ‘buy in’ emotionally to your business. (And very honestly- to you personally too!) Just imagine wrapping yourself up in a warm, fuzzy fleece blanket on a bitterly cold night! (That’s how I wanted my staff to feel as they clocked in every morning!)

Translated? STOP screaming at your workers and here’s why:

1) You’ll lose LOT’S of employees.  Remember, we’re in the middle of a brutal hiring crisis! This means the ‘supply/ demand ratio’ for hiring replacements is all screwed up! So, more than ever it is essential to keep your workers happy! Remember, I’m assuming your employees aren’t total idiots so…

Any of your people can quit today and easily find a new (and possibly even better) job tomorrow! (And they know it!) This means your empty threats will fall on deaf (and possibly departing) ears! And even IF your abused employee doesn’t quit…

don't alienate service workers2) Screaming is ‘counter-productive’. No one (and especially today’s worker) has ever been motivated to change after being verbally abused. At best a bullied employee will shut down and lose whatever initiative they had to change and/or to improve. Plus don’t forget that when you lose your temper…..

3) Your blood pressure goes through the roof!😡 That’s right, when we treat others badly (Yes, even employees that ‘deserve it’!) we feel badly too. And repeated studies have shown that uncontrolled anger actually lowers your life expectancy!

So transform your company into a “safe place” emotionally and you’ll have A) much less turnover, B) enjoy motivated workers and, C) you’ll live longer too!💖 (Plus you’ll become wealthy from your Home Service Business!)💲💲💲

Let’s talk about the “Sane” and “Stable” part of the Triple-S equation soon!



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