Program in “PMOT’s” to Consistently Make Homeowner Cheerleaders!

KickStart: Any time a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, is an opportunity to form an impression with a Moment of Truth.”  Jan Carlzon, Moments of Truth (1985)

Way back in the 1980’s this “Moment of Truth”(MOT) concept transformed my life! (Thanks, Jan!) Click HERE to review why MOT’s are so very important in our Home Services industry.

Of course, it’s easy to say: “Great idea, Steve!”👍 And then go back to putting out fires and/or planning your next trip to Disney World!😲 Instead, I urge you to…

Program in “Positive Moments of Truth” (PMOT’s) for each employee to consistently deliver to every residential client.

You noted in my link above that MOT’s can be either positive or negative. (In this age of online reviews you really need to avoid negative feedback!) Your challenge?

impatient home service customerA first-time residential customer waiting for your workers to show up is NOT a happy camper!😡 (Here’s why this so bad for you!)  I recently shared eight common emotions of a customer new to your company. Therefore…

Let’s examine just one common emotion of a first-time residential client. Then, more importantly, how you can program in (you must implement “consistent service delivery”) PMOT’s to “defuse” their fears:

1. Nervous. After all, this new residential customer has heard about (or endured) too many home service horror stories!

Your defusing PMOT’s: Your goal? Immediately let homeowners know they’re in a safe place with your company and employees.💖

A) Over the phone: Your phone staff should answer the phone cheerfully and then (slightly slower) identify themselves with their first and last name. Next, simply ask, “How may I be of assistance to you?”

Your caller will reply with a question. (Often, “How much do you charge to…?”🙄) No matter what their question is your phone person warmly gets Permission to Proceed by saying, “I can help you with that! (slight pause) May I ask you a few questions?”

confident residential service clientResult: Your caller now FEELS that going forward “they’ll be in good hands”! (And they really are!)

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B) In person at their front door: The defusing process actually starts BEFORE you ring the doorbell. If possible, park in the street where the customer can see your truck. Then you’ll ask permission to park in their driveway. But I digress…

After ringing the doorbell (if you can hear it only ring the bell once) step back two paces and make sure your photo ID badge is clearly visible. (Always respect “Personal Space”.) Verify that your Team Members can all be seen and are behind and below your level. While waiting for the door to open…

All Team Members should be focused, quiet with no horseplay (have you heard of doorbell cameras?), smiling😊 and looking where the customer will appear. (Ditch the  sunglasses in the truck!)😎 Your lead employee now greets the homeowner…

Good morning, Mrs ________. I’m Steve Toburen (I suggest you use your own name here!) with Homefront Services. I’ll be coordinating your (look down at clipboard and state type of project) here today ably assisted by…

Now go down the line of your Team Members. Each worker should smile, wave and greet the homeowner by name: “Good morning, Mrs. Jones!”👍

relaxed homeowner customerResult: Your customer FEELS so much better knowing who each Team Member is and what they’ll be doing in their “inner sanctum”. Even better, they won’t be nervous about inviting your team into their home.

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Thanks to these pre-programmed PMOT’s your customer’s frazzled nerves have been calmed! CONGRATULATIONS!👌 However, very likely homeowners will still a bit confused about what your company will be doing. Let’s focus on this next!

Now don’t you have some PMOT’s to program in to your worker’s daily routines?


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