WHERE to Recruit Awesome New Production Workers

KickStart: “Actively recruit” high-performing (and under-appreciated) employees you encounter working in lower paid service jobs.

Are you desperately advertising for quality production employees to actually do the jobs that keep rolling in? WRONG! This is your first mistake! You won’t find great service workers with “help wanted” ads! Here’s why…

Most of the “good people” out there are already working! So, they’re not reading help wanted ads! (Or Indeed.com postings either.) This means you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and compete for the “Very Best People” (VBP).

Scout for new team members that you observe excelling in lower paid, service-oriented jobs.

Steve’s Secret Sauce: Since these folks usually are underpaid you’ll be able to offer a “step up” to a higher paying position in your Home Services business! Remember, these new Career Candidates should view your job offer as an opportunity and honor.

NOTE: I personally never recruited (or even hired) production staff with previous experience in my industry. Why not? Because since our “Service Engineered” business treated clients VERY differently the retraining (and arguing) with these “already experienced” new hires was agonizing!🙄

actively recruit quality service workersInstead, look for store staff that serve you efficiently and cheerfully. I watched for employees who took the initiative, smiled and made eye contact with me. (Bonus points if they were having fun with their co-workers.) If so, BINGO!

When a worker dazzles you with their service, just discreetly slip them your business card and suggest they give you a ring. 📞

RESOURCE: We share several “Active Recruiting” scripts (and even do practice skits) in our SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminars. Click HERE to learn more. But meanwhile…

WHERE can you Actively Recruit potential Career Candidates for your company? Here’s three New Hire Happy Hunting Grounds to focus on…

1. Restaurants- The wait staff in restaurants and bars tend to be physically fit, enjoy interacting with customers and they’re often open to your higher-paying job with better hours! I love it! Plus you’ll eat out more often which will be a big win with your spouse!❤️

2. Retail stores- Always be on the hunt for great, hard-working employees at Home Depot, parts stores, gas stations and/or even your local industry supplier.

3. Basically everywhere! Who knows? Every time you walk into any business be alert for workers that impress you and fit your Hiring Profile. Simply a) compliment them on their hard work, b) give them your business card, and c) say, “We’re always hiring great people like you so give me a call…”😁

Folks, I can’t emphasize this enough – hiring the right people is crucial. Just like in a good marriage, the right person makes everything smooth sailing.  On the other hand…

Never “settle” because just like in a courtship, committing to the wrong person means your life will turn into a daily nightmare! 😱

As I always tell my SFS: LIVE students,  “Life’s too short to sweat it out with Marginal Employees!  Plus, what do your customers deserve? Stop sending uncivilized losers into a client’s inner sanctum!”😡

Best wishes to you in recruiting the “Very Best” employees!👍


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