The Emotional Dynamics of the Homeowner’s Restroom! 😲

KickStart: Few things are more “intrusive” for a homeowner than a stranger using their restroom. You’ve been warned!

I get it. You went into this business because you like the work. And now you (and your workers) just want to a) do a “good job”, b) get paid and c) move on! Simple, right?👍 Ummmmm, NO…😥

For example, reflect on the emotional roller coaster your new, first-time residential client is on as you (or your employees) intrude into the “inner sanctum” of their home? 😮

Yep, a new customer (that doesn’t know you or your company) is struggling with a complex mix of vulnerability, fear, suspicion, and even invasion! Who cares? You should because this homeowner will judge your work based on how they FEEL about you and your workers!

NOTE: This means you must hire the “very best” on-site production employees which has always been a challenge and more now than ever!😮 But help is here with my 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more and/or see upcoming dates…

Guess where all these negative emotions hit the high (or maybe it is the low)🙄 note? Yes, in the sanctuary of their inner sanctum- the homeowner’s restroom! 🚽 This means if at all possible…

🚫 Avoid using the customer’s restroom unless it’s a matter of life and…well, you know! And if you absolutely MUST “go”…

1. Always ask permission to use their GUEST restroom. NEVER use their sacred master bathroom!

Pro TIP: Schedule in enough time for your employees to make a quick pit stop at a gas station between jobs. We all need to “freshen up”.

2. For the love of decency, flush and put the lid down!🚽 (Ladies, I’ve got your back!) And of course, leave their restroom immaculate. HINT: Turn the fan on as you enter, not when you leave.

3. NEVER use the customer’s hand towel.😡 Dry your hands on your pants if you have to, or better yet, bring a fresh towel from the truck.

4. Remember to say “please” and “thank you”! Come on, folks, good manners still matter with your clients!

Oh, the tales I could share about my employees and our customers’ bathrooms! Heck, I even kicked around making my on-site staff wear catheters! But cooler heads prevailed and I implemented the above procedures!😂 I suggest you do too!


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