How to (gently) Promote Online Reviews!

KickStart: Want more reviews? Mention how important their online review is to the employee who worked in the customer’s home.

Let me be clear. I am NOT a ‘marketing guru’! Why not? Because the constant, frenetic changes in online marketing make my head hurt!😲 But I do know a bit about ‘Timeless Concepts’ (this phrase IS part of my tag line, after all!) in business.

Hands down, marketing’s most ‘Timeless Concept’ is ‘word of mouth’ advertising. But NOW it can be supercharged with ‘Today’s Tools’! (Darn it- how did the second half of my tag line sneak in here?)😁

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power of positive internet reviewsYep, ‘word of mouth’ has always been powerful. However, before the internet a Customer Cheerleader might refer your services to a few friends or co-workers. But now, by going online a delighted homeowner can promote your company to 1,000’s of prospects… all with the click of a mouse!

I know, you’re thinking, “Steve, DUH! Tell me something I don’t know. I CRAVE five-star Google reviews! So, tell me how to get more reviews!” Patience, Grasshopper!🙄 I’m getting there…

home service contractor no reviewsYET ANOTHER CHALLENGE: A gushing homeowner promises to leave you or your employee an ecstatic five-star Google review! GREAT!😁

So you check… and check… and check… and…? NOTHING! (Sound familiar?) What happened?😥

Your well-meaning Cheerleader fell back into her regular routine and forgot all about… your company! (This happens to all of us so try not to be crushed!) So, you must implement routine systems to…

SOLUTION: Gently remind your customers how important online reviews are for their tech.

WARNING!🚫 Never outright ASK for a “five-star review”! If you do, your customer may feel pressured and will post a one-star review!🥵

QUESTION: The best time to start this ‘gently reminding your customer’ process? While he or she is most impressed with the employee(s) who worked in their home! Which will likely be right after the job is finished! Here’s how to do it:

1. Make an Immediate Quality Check call.(IQC) Your on-site worker notifies the office they are leaving the job. (They should also share any issues or concerns the customer had with the job.) Then…

five star review after quality check call2. Office calls client with an IQC. After making sure the home owner was delighted with their experience your CSR says…

Office: “I’ll be sure to let Charlie how happy you are with his work. By the way, Mrs. Jones, we’re having a contest for all our workers. If a customer leaves an online review on their job your worker gets 5 points. But if Charlie is mentioned by name he gets 10 points!

So, IF you get a chance I know Charlie would appreciate a review. Either way, our company really appreciates your business and support!”

💲💲💲: When a third party (your CSR) ‘personalizes’ WHY Charlie would super appreciate an online review Mrs. Jones will be much more motivated to follow through because of her warm feelings for Charlie! BINGO!

IMPORTANT: These great ‘online review’ ideas won’t work IF the homeowner doesn’t feel that Charlie (and their experience) was worthy of a five-star review! So, OBVIOUSLY you must Service Engineer your on-site worker’s routines.

Now don’t you have some changes to implement? If your answer is a resounding, “Yes, Steve!” my work here is done!

Steve Toburen, “Timeless Concepts- Today’s Tools!”

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