Homeowner Cheerleaders: The Indirect Benefits

KickStart: Residential Home Services Cheerleaders not only provide immediate benefits but will also help your company indirectly!

We recently focused on how delighted “Customer Cheerleaders” can help your residential services company immediately.

After all, Cheerleaders will help you immediately with 1) booking skittish callers*, 2) improved cash flow, AND 3) let you charge (much) more than the “going rate”!

Winning over your caller class*Ever notice how skittish first-time callers are? Absolutely! They’re nervous, suspicious and fearful! YIKES! This is the emotional landscape you must overcome to “win over” your caller! Fear not- help is on the way with my SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more…

But wait- there’s so much more to Cheerleaders!

Routinely developing Customer Cheerleaders will also “indirectly” transform your business! For example, you’ll get…

1. Credibility. Honestly? Homeowners simply don’t believe advertising anymore. (Who can blame them?) But when a prospect sees 100’s (even 1,000’s) of your 5-star reviews it’s simply, “Where do I sign?” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This means you’ll enjoy…

2. Much lower marketing costs. Once your Cheerleader systems are dialed in your customers will be spreading the word… at ZERO cost to you!😍 True, you may still target market certain sectors and we’ll talk about this soon. However…

raise service profitsConsistently develop Cheerleaders and most of your marketing expenses can be invested in two very worthwhile areas: 1) higher staff wages and 2) your net profit!👍👍

GURU Alert: The “experts” will tell you a residential services business needs to spend 10% or more of their gross income in marketing. The total advertising and budget budget of my residential services business? 2.8%! (It could have been much less.) That other 7.2% or more of our gross volume? It went into the pockets of my faithful employees AND into my retirement accounts!🥰 Of course, business is about more than money…

3. Great long-term employees. I know, you’re thinking, “Steve, what does making Cheerleaders have to do with finding better workers?” Here’s the deal. The Very Best People (the ones you want to recruit) will only work long term for what I call a Very Best Company! This means long before a great potential team member contacts you they’ll check out your online reviews from (hopefully) your Cheerleader Customers!

NOTE: Of course, it’s not enough to hire great people. You also must KEEP them from leaving. This means paying your staff at least 20% more than they can earn doing similar work anywhere else in your local market.

Can’t pay more? Yes you can if you CHARGE MORE! Remember, Cheerleaders will let you be the highest priced residential services company in your area and proud of it!👍

Warning: No Very Best Person will stick around long-term only for a paycheck. You must also focus on your employee’s feelings! (This very “squishy subject” is infinitely more complicated than simply writing bonus checks- that’s easy!) And yes, Cheerleaders will help you emotionally in your employee retention efforts! Let’s work on this tricky subject soon!


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