Homeowner Cheerleaders: The Immediate Benefits

KickStart: The true ROI on making a Residential Customer Cheerleader is much more than the direct financial profits they produce. (Which is a LOT!)

happy cheerleader“Ummm, what’s a ‘Cheerleader’, Steve?”🤔 A Cheerleader is a homeowner that is so delighted and yes, surprised with the level of service they’ve received they will “sing your praises from the rooftops”! (And more importantly, post multiple 5-star reviews online!)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, it’s a no-brainer! An ecstatic Cheerleader Customer is an incredibly valuable asset! Which is why I’m always amazed that so few residential service contractors focus on systems to create Cheerleaders!😥

NOTE: Remember, to make the Cheerleader you must first “convert” an often initially skittish caller. You’ll dramatically increase your booking ratio (and Cheerleaders) with my 3-hour SFS: Winning over the caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more…

Still doubtful on the direct financial ROI of a Cheerleader? Crunch the numbers with me HERE on a low priced service like residential carpet cleaning. (Services with a higher job ticket produce even more impressive results!) And yet…

Customer Cheerleaders bring ever-so-many 1) immediate, 2) indirect and 3) emotional benefits to a Home Services business. In this Part I of this series let’s focus on the immediate advantages Cheerleaders add to your business. For example…

1.“Pre-conditioned” callers. If you field prospect’s inquiries you know just how difficult it can be to convert the lead! BUT if you learn they’ve been referred by a previous Cheerleader client? WOO-HOO! Sure, your caller may moan about the price but almost always they’ll book the job!

Pro TIP: This is why one of your first Valid Business Questions for any prospect should be, “How did you learn about our company?” (I share the complete Initial Interview Phone Script in my SFS: “Winning over your caller!” LIVE seminar.)

2. Cash flow. (In so many different ways!) A delighted Cheerleader will actually search for ways to spend more money with your company. (If only to keep your cute crew chief in their home a bit longer!)😍

We found our highly profitable on-site Additional Service Options sales went through the roof in a Cheerleader’s home. (In fact, we’d routinely schedule more time there and keep troops in reserve too.) And speaking of cash all our 5-star reviews let us…

home services customer considers price increase3. Charge much higher prices. Sure, some of our 5-star reviews would start out, “Steve’s company is quite a bit higher than his competitors…” and I would cringe until I kept on reading “…but his employees are worth every cent and more!” I’d then heave a huge sigh of relief and silently say, “Thank you, Mrs. Jones!”

In fact, I discovered that upper middle-class clients (my target market) are often suspicious of low-priced companies. Homeowners would tell me, “Steve, your competitor, Mid-City Services, quoted me a price 30% less than your estimate. But I knew they couldn’t do a good job working so cheap.” The sad thing here? I knew Mid-City’s owner and he did do decent work!😲

Of course, your ever growing group of enthusiastic Customer Cheerleaders will also bring “indirect” financial benefits to your business. More on this topic soon!


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