Attract (and Keep) Great Home Service Employees with ‘Two-Tier Compensation’!

KickStart: Rework your employee’s compensation (and culture) to reward extra effort while also holding them accountable for ‘avoidable mistakes’.

The definition of “compete”: “trying to get something others are also trying to get!”

“Ummm, thanks Steve but my middle name is ‘Compete’.😁 I’m getting my competition’s customers like crazy! So, I’m also getting their profits too! WOO-HOO!”

CONGRATULATIONS, ‘Compete’! However, in today’s brutal hiring environment you must ‘differentiate’ yourself from 1000’s of competing employers to successfully compete for- GREAT EMPLOYEES! But fear not, help is on the way…

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HINT: Start competing for great employees by offering an ‘above average’ starting wage. 19th century mail order entrepreneur L.L. Bean famously stated, I’ve learned if I pay a man 20% more than he can get elsewhere Ill ATTRACT and keep employees that are 40% better!” But to truly differentiate yourself from competing employers…

elmer wheeler sizzlemanship“Sell the sizzle, not the steak!” Elmer Wheeler, 1925

NOTE: Want to build a Critical Mass Business that will run smoothly without you?🤔 Then don’t settle for less than the ‘Very Best’ people for your business team!💖 This means you should…

Offer a ‘Two Tier Compensation Plan’ based on 1) the steak AND 2) the SIZZLE!

Tier One: Steak- You’re going to offer your Career Candidates ‘steak’ with your higher than average wages. But now entice even better applicants with your…

Tier Two: Sizzle! Here’s your magic ‘Sizzle Phrase’: “Earn up to $____ extra per week with our ‘Worker Efficiency Bonus’ Plan!”  Trust me- now you’ll have your prospective employee’s attention!👌

YOU: “What’s a ‘Worker Efficiency Bonus’ (WEB) Plan, Steve?”

ME: “Simple! A ‘WEB’ Plan is a system (and culture) that A) holds your workers ACCOUNTABLE when they mess up but also B) REWARDS an employee when he or she created extra profits for your company.”

YOU: “Hmmmm… that sounds just like me as an entrepreneur! I make money OR lose money based on my initiative, efforts and/or (ugh) sometimes my boneheaded blunders!😲

ME: “EXACTLY! The creative ‘fun energy’ (and profits for ALL) is incredible when everyone works together as a team! And ‘Very Best People’ love the power of increasing their own paycheck! This concept transformed my Residential Services Business!”👍👍

WARNING: Before changing an existing compensation plan be sure to A) seek legal counsel to verify that your planned strategy is legal plus B) ponder deeply if your plan is workable and will achieve your desired results. (Employees hate their pay constantly being impulsively ‘tweaked’ by management.)

So, let’s talk soon! Right now why don’t you start a list of what YOUR new ‘Worker Efficiency Bonus’ Plan should include?


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