Your Home Service Customers Don’t Really Want to Talk to You!

scared home service customer

Do current world events have you (and your clients) feeling  a bit overwhelmed, nervous, panicked or ALL of these? Absolutely! Me too! (And don’t even get me started on gas prices!)

These negative feelings mean you must respect your residential customer’s ‘Personal Emotional Space’! ‘ After all, you wouldn’t burst into your customer’s homes without knocking, would you?  So, stop barging into your customer’s mental ‘Inner Sanctum’ without permission! For example…

After booking the job offer ‘No Verbal Contact’ (NVC) confirmation options by saying…

“Now Mrs. Jones, I have you down for our crew arriving between 9:00 and 11:00 on the morning of Friday, May 3.

We’ll contact you 24 hours before, at 9:00 on Thursday, May 2 with a Courtesy Confirmation. Would you prefer a phone call or should we text you? (Pause slightly here.) Or we can reach out to you by Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp?” 

NOTE: Today’s clients will usually choose a texted confirmation reminder so reply:

“That’s great. I prefer texting myself. If I can ask a big favor, could you be sure to hit the #2 mentioned in our text to confirm us doing the work the next day? If we don’t get a texted response back from you within 30 minutes we’ll make a verbal phone call to this number to confirm your appointment.

We’ll also contact you 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on Friday just to give you a heads up to expect us shortly. Should I use the same way to contact you that we’re on our way?” If they answer, “Sure, just text me.” Then say…

“Wonderful! And please just hit the #2 key again to let us know you’ve received this ‘on our way’ message.” BINGO! This ‘No Verbal Contact’ (NVC) confirmation option 1) saves your employee’s time, 2) respects your customer’s ‘Personal Emotional Space’ while also 3) making sure they remember you!

Winning over your caller class

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And hey, congratulations on giving your residential customers the all-important ‘Illusion of Control’!


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