Stop Communicating ‘Intrusively’

stressed home services customerKickStart: When booking their work give your residential customer options on how you should contact them.

All of us (including you, me AND your residential clients) are more stressed (and OUT of control) than ever before!😲 This is why you must help your customers FEEL ‘in control’. (Including on their first nervous phone call inquiring about your services.)

But remember, no customer wants to completely control your work on their home. If they did, the home owner wouldn’t be calling your company. They’d just do the work themselves!

Yep, your customers are ‘ambivalent’! They want your employees to competently service their home. (This is great news for you!)

BUT your clients also need and want to feel in control of their personal lives. This includes being able to choose when (and how) their Home Service Providers (this means you!) contact them. So, show respect for your customer’s ‘Emotional Space’ when you…

Offer ‘non-intrusive’ communication options.

residential customer reacting to phone callDoubt me? Think how you react when your phone rings… especially when you weren’t expecting a call from the number displayed on the caller ID!

NOTE: This KickStart focuses on how to reach out to clients before and during the job. I’ll share more ‘Illusion of Control’ ideas on future blog posts!

1. Job reminders. Ask your client how they would like to be reminded about their appointment with your company. Then verbally give them a menu to choose from. For example: Text, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, email or even (horrors!) a phone call? (HINT: Most will choose texting for reminders.)

give customer communication optionsNOTE: Part of giving the ‘Illusion of Control’ is to give your client options… and then letting the customer choose!

2. What hours are best for their schedule? Ask when your customer would prefer communications from your company. You may need to ‘prime the pump’ here by saying, “Now we don’t want to intrude. For  your job reminders we normally reach out mid-morning. Does this work with your schedule?”

3. If needed, can the customer be called at work? Explain that in the event of an urgent question you may need to have a 2-way conversation. If so, may your workers contact the customer at work? If so, ask for their cell number. (Employers hate having their phone lines tied up by their employees on personal calls!)

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Many thanks for letting me (non-intrusively) communicate with you folks!


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