How to “Make the Cheerleader” out of pet owner customers!

KickStart: Want homeowners to love you? Then love their pet(s)!💖

Yep! Let’s dive into the crazy, stinky world of PETS! I know, for a residential services contractor these furry creatures can be smelly, nasty and/or snarling challenges! (Trust me, I’ve been there!)😮

But, let’s flip the coin and find the silver lining – in many residential service industries pets mean job security! 🐾 After all, animals do a lot of damage to their loving owner’s home and we get to clean up by fixing it!👍

But there is a much better reason to love pets! Many pet owners are convinced their pets are perfect judges of human character as in, “Look, Marge, Rover loves Charlie, our tech!”💖 Customer’s thoughts: “Wow, this guy must be a superb human being if Rover likes him! Rover is never wrong…” 🐕

homeowner pet dog on cushionSo, even if that tiny fur ball is trying to turn your leg into a chew toy, remember this – the homeowner ADORES their pet. To them, this ‘little darling’ is family. This means to create a Cheerleader (and get a 5-star review) out of your client you must…

Display genuine 1) interest, 2) care and 3) concern for your client’s pets.❤️ Here a few “pet tips”…

1. Over the phone- As part of your Valid Business Question prospect interview ask, “Will be any pets on the premises that could be disturbed by our work”. If so, say something like…

“We love pets but they can get pretty agitated with new people around.  For your pet’s peace of mind and safety, could you please be sure to secure them? I’ll make a note for (name of worker) to check with you before they get started…”

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2. At the front door- Check your Work Order to see if the office has flagged the job for pets onsite. If so, after introducing yourself mention to the homeowner…

“Sally in our office mentioned you’re a pet owner, Mrs. Jones. Me too! (Or, “I love pets!” works too.) What type of pet(s) do you have? What’s your pet’s name? Can I pet them?”

HINT: From here on always use the pet’s name when talking to or referring to them. For example, even though hopefully the office has covered this you can nail down “pet safety” when you ask,

“Mrs. Jones, even though I love dogs to lower Rover’s stress levels does he have a private place to rest in?” In just a few seconds you’ve displayed your genuine 1) interest, 2) care and 3) concern for the homeowner’s beloved pet(s) and by extension- for your client too!

home service customer pet cat sleeps on carpet3. Working with the pets- Each onsite employee should carry a few individually wrapped dog or cat treats. (You can even order your logo and contact info printed on the wrapping.)

If you want, introduce yourself to the dog, “Hey, Rover, I’m going to be doing so (type of work) for your owner.” Then, ask the homeowner, “May I give Rover a treat?” If they decline, hand them the treats and say, “Then here’s some treats for you to reward Rover later for (hopefully) being a good doggie today!”🦴

Either way, you’ve just scored a positive Moment of Truth with your pet-loving client! 🐶

So, how do you create Cheerleaders out of pets AND their owners? Share your tips with 1,000’s of other residential service contractors in our “Growing Your Business” Facebook Group HERE. And best wishes out there on the Home Front!


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