How a 3-letter Acronym Can Transform your Business!

KickStart: Get your entire company focused on their ‘Triple A’s’ (Appearance, Actions and Attitude) and profits will soar!

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I admit it. I truly love inventing acronyms for routine daily activities. (This drives Sioux nuts!)🙄 But my staff used abbreviations in my residential services business all the time. For example…

We invented and implemented a PDS (Production Day Sheet), IQC (Immediate Quality Check calls) and an EEB (Employee Efficiency Bonus program), etc. You get the idea, right?

My most important acronym that helped me build a multi-truck, Critical Mass Business? “AAA” as in obsessing over this ‘Triple A’ mantra every day to ‘Service Engineer’ my employee’s interactions with their clients…

Appearance, Actions and Attitude

Remember: 80% of how a home owner decides if your company did a good job (and whether they will leave you a 1-star or a 5-star review!) is based on their RELATIONSHIP with your employees involved in their service transaction.

thankful homeowner customerAnd yes, each part of my ‘Triple A’ will greatly influence how your customer FEELS about your workers and job quality. In turn, these home owner’s emotions will dramatically affect their online reviews which have an immediate impact on your profits!

So, let’s do a quick overview of each ‘A’.  (Remember, you must ‘Service Engineer’ each ‘A’ into your employee’s daily routines!)

1. Appearance-  Will Rogers’ famously stated, “You never get a second change to make a first impression.” Learn from Will! How your business “appears” to a new (or potential) customer will have a huge effect on how they view your work. (Your front-line worker’s Appearance is especially important.)

2. Actions- Every customer subconsciously keeps track of your worker’s positive (or negative) ‘Moments of Truth’ (MOT’s) that are created by their Actions. These MOT’s start with a prospect’s first tentative phone call inquiring about your residential services. Then MOT’s continue to add up (or subtract) as your customer encounters more of your employee’s ‘Actions’.

What happens when you have 100’s of positive MOT’s (Actions) ‘banked’ in your customer’s subconscious? We’re talking a glowing five-star review! (And let’s not even think about finishing up with a NEGATIVE MOT balance!)😲

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smiling field service techs get hired3. Attitude- John C. Maxwell put it well, “People may hear your words, but they FEEL your attitude.”💖 (Can’t figure out why I capitalized the word “FEEL’? Time to review the ‘80% Principle’ again!) Are you unsure who (or how) to hire? Three little words: “Hire the smile!”👍 HINT: You can train a Very Best Person in everything else!

So there you have it- Steve’s famous ‘Triple A’! A 3-letter acronym that truly has the potential to transform your business… and your life! (I’ll post an in-depth analysis of each “A” in future KickStarts.)

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Steve- ‘Timeless Concepts- Today’s Tools!’

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