Get Pro-Active On a Homeowner’s “Buyer’s Remorse”!

KickStart: Before leaving give your residential customer a quick walk-through while explaining any possible “areas of concern”.

Your company has finished another great job… CONGRATULATIONS!👍 The client loves your crew, they’ve gracefully “flipped” their happy client’s “Thank you” and it’s time to head to the next job. Right? NO… wrong!

Instead, invest a few proactive minutes to show your customer “The good, the bad and the ugly” of how the job turned out. “The ugly, Steve?” Yep, you’ll clearly explain the “WHY” of a not-quite-perfect job. (You’ve already pre-oriented the homeowner on the “1) WHO, 2) WHAT and 3) WHEN”.) Here’s why…

When your client discovers a problem YOU will “own it”!😥 But if you show the homeowner the “concern” and explain why it isn’t perfect it becomes THEIR problem!

NOTE: Normally when something is less than perfect it is best to show it to the client right away. (Or even better if you’ve pre-qualified the issue before starting the job.) My suggested after-job Proactive Tour is to just review the project and display your “attitude of care and concern”.

Here’s a few tips for when you’re finishing up…

Invite: “Mrs. Jones, before I leave could we walk through the job together? And as we go, please point out anything you have questions on.”

1) The Good: It’s OK to tactfully brag. (Just a bit.)🙄 Start your “bragging” by saying, “I’m really pleased with how this turned out…” Or, “This area responded really well…”

2) The Bad: Once again, better to head off any potential complaints while you’re face-to-face with the homeowner. Simply mention, “Mrs. Jones, you’ll notice here that…” and point out a minor issue they likely wouldn’t have even noticed. The result? A more trusting client that (hopefully) won’t feel to need to pore over the job with a magnifying glass later!

residential client examines service work with magnifying glass3) The Ugly: After covering the good and the bad it’s time to confess your sins with, “Mrs. Jones, this area just didn’t react as well as we had hoped. I’ve tried…” Your goal? For the homeowner to respond with“Charlie, you’ve done all you can and it’s OK!”💖

Before leaving: Mention to the homeowner, “Our office will be reach out to you soon with a Quality Check to verify you’re delighted with our work.” 

Takeaways: Investing a few minutes in an after-job Proactive Tour will A) impress your residential clients, B) reduce their Buyer’s Remorse and, C) DRAMATICALLY increase your ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews!

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