What is the ‘Primary Purpose’ of your Home Services Business?

KickStart: Examine building a Critical Mass Business to bring you the elusive ‘Personal Freedom’!

We’ve recently discussed the why and how of creating a work atmosphere that is 1) safe, 2) sane, and 3) stable. (More important than ever in these CRAZY TIMES!) However…

While happy, engaged and committed workers are incredibly important they shouldn’t be the Primary Purpose of your business. NOTE: Please don’t focus ONLY on ‘getting big’. After all, I’ve consulted with Home Service entrepreneurs who have 100’s of employees and are totally enslaved by their business!

Of course, I (of all people) am a big fan of money! After all, I tell every class, “All things being equal… it is better to have more money than no money!” Why? Because financial success is a tool- to help others and bring you (and your family) freedom! (More on this in a bit.) But first, a warning…

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True, your goals and objectives are intensely personal. But instead of just ‘piling up money’💲💲💲 may I humbly submit a candidate to be the Primary Purpose of your business?🤔

Achieve the ‘Personal Freedom’ to live your life exactly as you wish. (As in no regrets!)

thinking new home services bossWow! I know. This is heavy stuff if you (like me) just sort of fell into entrepreneurship  because A) you were unemployed and B) you needed to pay the rent and buy groceries!😲 But think about this…

If you’re dealing with daily business issues (and especially with residential customers!)🙄 I assume you weren’t born into great wealth. (If your last name is Buffet, Gates or Musk you’re excused from class!)😊 Therefore, if you have to invest __ # of years working why not at the same time build a business that will give you Personal Freedom?

I call this difficult-to-achieve operation a ‘Critical Mass Business’. (Imagine the joy of an company that will run smoothly without you being there 24-7!) successful residential contractor familyEven better, the Home Services industry is a perfect place to achieve this elusive goal of freedom… IF you ‘do it right’!

CAUTION: ‘Do it wrong’ and you’ll spend your life trudging along the dreaded ‘Road In-Between’!😥

Therefore, three very personal question to ask yourself  BEFORE you embark on your journey to this Critical Mass Business:

1. Who am I? Do an objective analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. (You do realize you’re not perfect?) Maybe most importantly, do you have the ‘fire in the belly’ to take a one or two person operation to Critical Mass status?

2. What does my family want? Inevitably, an entrepreneur’s family (and especially their spouse) get’s drawn into the daily struggles of a Home Services business. Are they on board? More importantly, will you have the self-discipline to put your family first instead of your business? (Don’t get Sioux started on my failings with this question!)😡

3. What do I want? Where is your ‘sweet spot’ in business? (And life?) I often ask my clients, “So… what do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s all too easy to forget that the purpose of your business is to serve you and NOT the other way around! (I forgot this point far too often!)

Happy with your (honest) answers to the above questions? GREAT! And yet, even with the very best Home Services business you’re going to get (cue up the threatening music)… COMPLAINTS!😥 Let’s take a positive look at your complaining clients soon!


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