Are You Known for Your Humility?😲

KickStart: Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. C. S. Lewis

I’ll admit it. When I started my first Home Services business I was a cocky, proud and yet insecure jerk!😲 (My dear wife is saying right now, “So Steve, you think you’ve changed over the last 50 years?”)πŸ€” Hmmmmm…

Seriously, unless you’re a total idiot business (and life) has a way of humbling an entrepreneur. And yet we can easily forget to be “humble” when dealing with our employees. Here’s WHY humility is so important…

In today’s hiring crisis it is essential to KEEP your existing reliable, trained employees. How can you retain your workers? Simply put, people stay stay the longest in jobs where they feel a) needed, b) useful and c) appreciated. So therefore…

highly qualified home service company staffHUMBLY recognize that your employees at times know more than you do!

NOTE: I believe it was Tom Peters who first said, “They know best who are closest to the action.”Β OK, maybe it was Michael Gerber or who knows, maybe I dreamed it up!😎 But I’m 97.3% sure that this principle is resonating with you!πŸ’–

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1. Ask for help. When an employee comes to you with a business problem never get angry. Instead, your first words should be, “Thanks, Charlie, for letting me know about this. Hmmmm… what do you think we* should do?” This response has so many upside results! A) You’ve stressed that all your employees are a team, B) Charlie feels uplifted and validated by your confidence in him, and C) just MAYBE Charlie will come up with a great suggestion! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘

*HINT: Whenever possible automatically substitute the pronoun “we” for “I” when talking with your staff.

listen closely to service technicians2. Really LISTEN. It is ever-so-very-humiliating to be asked for your opinion, you give a well thought out response and… it’s obvious the other party isn’t even listening to you!😑 So, FOCUS on your worker’s ideas. Maintain eye contact with your employee, nod and give “Affirmative Responses” such as “hmmm” or “I see” or “I agree”, etc. Then ask follow-up questions*, explain you’ll get back to them (and do so!) and sincerely thank your worker.

*Want extra credit? Pull out a notepad or even your cell phone and jot down their idea(s). This will be a VERY positive Moment of Truth for your employee.

3. Give credit to others.😊 When a worker’s solution functions well, thank them personally. But also be sure to publicly praise an employee to their co-workers, their family and even their clients. Then when your company weathers a crisis or even knocks out a super busy week, publicly give the credit to your team!*

*Building team spirit is one of the very best reasons for regular staff meetings. Let’s talk about this soon and best wishes!


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