5 Hiring Interview Tips to ‘Set The Stage’ for Your ‘Career Candidate’

We want to share hiring interview tips that will put your candidate at ease so you can find the best staff for your residential contractor company.

Let’s imagine…

nervous candidate

Remember your first (and maybe last) blind date? Were you tense, nervous and scared?😢 OUCH! Never a good start to a long term relationship!😲 And yet isn’t this exactly how your job applicant (and you too) feel before a job interview? Therefore you should…

‘Stage manage’ a job interview because 1) you want to get to know the ‘real person’, 2) sell the applicant on your company as a career choice and 3) get the relationship off to a good start.💖 (Even if you don’t hire your candidate hopefully they’ll still refer customers to your business.)

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HINT: Do NOT schedule an in-depth interview with every “Are you hiring?” caller! (Even though you should ALWAYS “be hiring”!) Instead, ‘high grade’ your job applicants with the first five steps of my Six-Step Hiring Funnel BEFORE moving them to Step #6: A Formal interview. (Click HERE to watch my interview on How to Hire Great Employees Using the ‘Six-Step Hiring Funnel’.)

‘Setting the stage’ begins even before your ‘Career Candidate’ walks into your office. NOTE: If you work out of your home just meet for coffee. But now you’re one-on-one with your best applicant let’s dive into hiring interview tips…

5 Hiring Interview Tips to Help your Career Candidate relax and feel valued.💖

hiring interview tips

1. Offer your Career Candidate a beverage.  If they ask for a double scotch it may not be a good sign!🙄

2. Remove emotional and physical barriers.  Don’t sit behind your (imposing) desk! If possible,  sit side by side in comfortable armchairs. Or at the very least move your office chair out from behind your desk.

3. SMILE and reassure your candidate. You can say: “I always get nervous with job interviews no matter which side of the desk I’m sitting on! And let me tell you, your resume (or application) is very impressive, and people speak highly of you. (Smiling) After all, that’s why you’re here…”

take notes

4. Ask permission to jot down some notes. “Your thoughts are very important to me but my memory isn’t what it used to be…” (Your focused note taking will be very flattering to your Candidate!)

5. Develop a list of prepared questions. HINT: Start with simple, fact-based questions, then move to open-ended questions and end up with tougher “How would you handle this…” scenarios.

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My very best hiring tip? RAISE YOUR PRICES!💲💲💲 “Ummmm, Steve? What does me charging more have to do with hiring the Very Best employees?” EVERYTHING! So let’s talk about “How to raise your prices without fear” soon!

In conclusion, remember that a positive interview experience is key to attracting the best candidates. By following these hiring interview tips, such as offering a beverage, removing physical barriers, setting the candidate at ease, taking focused notes, and utilizing a structured interview plan, you can create a welcoming environment that allows you to truly assess their qualifications. Don’t forget, strong hiring practices lead to a strong team, and a strong team is the foundation for a successful residential contractor company.

May you find (and keep) the Very Best People on your business team! (I’m here to help!)


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