Follow These 4 Simple Steps Before You Interview Job Applicants

SpeedTIP: Before you interview job applicants you want to put them at ease. That way you can 1) get to know the ‘real person’ and 2) sell them on working for you!

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As a Home Services Professional (HSP) it is ESSENTIAL to recruit and hire the Very Best People. I know. You’re thinking, “Well, DUH! A) Everyone tries to hire good employees and by the way, Steve, B) nobody wants to work any more!”

Sorry but you’re wrong on both fronts! A) Far too many HSP’s fall into the deadly trap of ‘Desperation Hiring’ and hire the first ‘warm body’ that shows up! Plus, B) there are LOTS of hardworking folks who want a long-term career with your company.

You just need to ‘sort out’ these Very Best People from all the losers calling you!😲 So, watch my How to Hire Great Employees Using the Six-Step Interview Funnel video HERE.

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Remember the hiring process is like a ‘courtship’. In the first five steps of my Interview Funnel process (watch the video) you’ll sort out the very best Career Candidate(s). In Step #6 you’ll get to know the ‘real person’ with an in-depth, face-to-face Career Interview. (BEFORE you ‘propose’ employment!) Your big challenge now?

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Your Career Candidate is NERVOUS!😲 (You are too!)

This means right from the git-go you must ‘break the ice’ with a skittish Candidate so you both can learn if your business and the applicant are a good fit for each other.

NOTE: You should also be ‘subtly selling’ your company’s ‘career potential’. Why? Applicants know with the current hiring crisis they’re a scarce commodity! So whether you like it or not you ARE ‘competing’ for the Very Best People! (This is a whole different topic!) 

Breaking the Ice before you Interview Job Applicants

1.  Warmly welcome your candidate. After all, you’re delighted your Career Candidate showed up!😁 (Hopefully on time.) So sincerely thank your Candidate and explain you’re excited about chatting with them.

2. Introduce your applicant to your staff. Pre-orient your workers that you’re expecting a Career Candidate. Your people can even do a mild ‘Assumptive Close’ as in cheerfully saying, “I look forward to working with you, Charlie!”

3. Give your prospective employee a quick ‘Tour of Pride’.πŸ‘Œ Show them around your (hopefully clean and well organized!) production areas and introduce any employees present. Explain what your company does and a bit of your history.

4. Dignify your Career Candidate. In front of your applicant tell your office staff, “Charles and I’ll be  chatting for 45 minutes or so. Please hold my calls while we’re getting to know each other.” This is a very positive Moment of Truth for Charlie!πŸ’– (It also tactfully puts a time limit to interview job applicants.)

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CONGRATULATIONS!πŸŽˆβœ¨πŸŽ‰ In just a few minutes you’ve 1)‘broken the ice’, 2) put them at ease and 3) reassured your Career Candidate that you and your Home Services business are a great career option! Let’s go deeper into this face-to-face Career Interview soon!

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Now you are better prepared to interview job applicants for honest results. You have my very BEST WISHES and support in recruiting the ‘Very Best People’!


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