Program in “PMOT’s” to Consistently Make Homeowner Cheerleaders!

KickStart: Any time a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, is an opportunity to form an impression with a Moment of Truth.”Β  Jan Carlzon, Moments of Truth (1985)

Way back in the 1980’s this “Moment of Truth”(MOT) concept transformed my life! (Thanks, Jan!) Click HEREΒ to review why MOT’s are so very important in our Home Services industry.

Of course, it’s easy to say: “Great idea, Steve!”πŸ‘ And then go back to putting out fires and/or planning your next trip to Disney World!😲 Instead, I urge you to…

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Why your ‘Comfort Zone’ May Doom You- and How to Escape!

KickStart: Develop EASY, step-by-step written systems for all workers to help your company run smoothly without… YOU!

How many of you A) have more ‘toys’, B) make more money, and C) are more ‘comfortable’ than you could have ever imagined? Yep- the Home Services industry truly can provide a ‘comfort zone’ for you!πŸ‘πŸ‘ And yet, I’ll gently remind you…

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