Why (and how) to RETAIN Your ‘Very Best People’!

KickStart: Keep your employees from leaving when you tie them to your company emotionally.

desperate for service techniciansHome Service Business owners everywhere are understandably freaking out with the current hiring crisis. I really do feel your pain! Finding anyone to work (much less the Very Best People) is brutal out there!😲

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But wait! Even better than using my (very effective) Six-Stage Hiring Funnel is to…

handwritten i quit noteKEEP your efficient, trained EXISTING employees (that you already trust) from quitting!👍👍

Your CHALLENGE: Unless your employees are total idiots (I certainly HOPE you aren’t sending idiots into your client’s homes!) then they realize that available workers are a Hot Commodity now! Believe me, your staff is constantly exposed to better benefits, hiring bonuses, higher wages and yes… even shameless flattery!

RETENTION Solution #1: Give all your employees “better benefits, hiring bonuses, higher wages and yes… even shameless flattery!”

PLEASE do NOT whine, “Steve, I can’t afford to pay my employees more!” I will respond, “CHARGE MORE!” Trust me, the constant headlines screaming “INFLATION!” mean your clients expect to pay more but you have to ask for more money! (We should chat about this soon.)

However, you don’t want your current ‘Very Best Employees’ to even be tempted to ‘test the job market’! After all, getting into a bidding war for a worker’s services is both humiliating and VERY expensive! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!) Instead…

RETENTION Solution #2: Tie your employees to your business emotionally!💖How? By giving your employees what other companies don’t! Here’s some ideas on ’employee retention’

applauding service employees1. Express Sincere Appreciation. When thanking someone be very specific. For example, instead of a generic “Thanks” say: “That was a beautiful final clean up you did after the Jones job, Charlie. I especially appreciated what you did with the…” WOW!

2. Praise in public. Want to super-charge your appreciation efforts? When possible, ‘obliquely thank’ employees by involving their fellow workers, For example, you can say, “Hey guys, what am I going to do with Charlie here? I spent half an hour inspecting Charlie’s work at the Jones job searching for even one missed piece of trash! And I wasted my time! Seriously, though? Well done, Charlie!” (APPLAUSE!) Or even better…

3. Give formal Public Recognition. On more noteworthy efforts (completing a tough industry certification course, bringing a project in under budget, 1 year perfect on-time attendance, etc.) make a heartfelt announcement in front of all your employee’s workmates at your next staff meeting. (You DO have regular employee meetings, don’t you?) Of course, ‘talk is cheap’ so remember…

4. Rewards count big time! And they don’t have to ONLY be money. (Let’s talk about the ‘Reward Options’ you have going forward!)

HINT: Combine #3 and #4 above in what I call ‘Giving R & R’ (Rewards & Recognition) and you have an incredible way to win over the hearts and minds of your employees! (Even better, YOU will feel GREAT!)😉

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